Decor Change-Up ~ A space of my own

First of all…to all of you lovelies who reached out to me on this post (some of you have seen so many of my transformations!)—-THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement. I so appreciate it, especiallly as I sit here in limbo…something I’m really not very good at. But good things are ahead and I’m excited.

So much love to you, sweet ladies.

* * *

Now! For some fluffing the nest fun! I’ve been swirling through the abode…glossies in one hand and hammer in the other. Scares PH to death. Ha!

I decided that I desperately needed a little space of my own at home. I don’t visit my studio office on the weekends, plus a great deal of my writing gets done at 5 am during the week…so I carved out a little spot in our media room (AKA The Elvis Room…it’s a long story) and I really love it. It’s like a little oasis in the chaos (aside from the lawnmover handle lurking at me through the window).


1) Parsons desk:   2) Industrial yellow desk lamp: West Elm

3) Word and silhouette art: all created in Photoshop by moi/framed with Target frames

4) Verner Panton Chair:   5) Vase for happy daisies: Target 

6) Chevron basket: Target 7) Elvis ticket posters bought in random store in S.F.



Then I was loitering in the main hallway and decided to do some editing. I got down to my vases, the Super Duper Clock and my Barn House short console.


(forgot…my lucky number is represented with this little ensemble too–64…gotta have a lucky number somewhere in the house!)

Not to be overlooked, the dining area needed some freshening up with some contemporary frames. Strange thing–Lately I’m drawn to more modern looks (what is happening?!). I got the cute carrot juice poster here and framed it myself with a random moulding from Craft Warehouse (our locally owned craft store). The chair silhouette was made in Photoshop with the words to “How Do I Love Thee” written on it. The Billy Balls are from Whole Foods and I dried them, but you can also get them here. Vases are from West Elm.




I took down some dated images of the kidlets and put up 16×20’s of the candid shots we took while trying to shoot our Christmas card. I love that these shots show who they are right now and what their relationship is like. My Eames rocker is one of my favorite things, much to PH’s dismay–“What IS that thing?” he says. Sigh. Luckily, he rolls with it and never brings it up again. ‘Love my guy.














I had an antique frame  that was begging for a modern-ish image. This is also a Photoshop creation.



This was last month’s project: a gallery wall. Surprisingly, it took a long time to figure out which art I wanted on the wall.


I think I like puttering around the house, changin’ it up, more than anything. Somehow, it’s relaxing. Do you putter, Lovelies? Move things around and pin up glossy clippings to bulletin boards? I’m a shameless glossy-cutter-outer.

Hoping spring is in full swing wherever you are~


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3 Responses to Decor Change-Up ~ A space of my own

  1. Pam says:

    I love this mix of modern with a bit of old. I gone from being a Victorian lover a for years – to selling 80% of the the stuff and simplifying the look. I have such a mix now, 1940’s to a few Civil War era pieces and some totally modern mixed right in there with it. I think with our kids and their growth it makes change necessary and as we develop ourselves – our decorating represents our personalities more and more. I could never be a cookie cutter showroom decorator. I didn’t get to comment on your post about your new adventure, but I am so excited for you. It feels so amazing when something like that finally “clicks” in our life doesn’t it? It sounds like the perfect blend for you. I love that age group of children. When I taught art at summer camp those were my fav. kids to teach. They were so eager and wanted to do everything and anything! I always felt so energized after they left me….They will be so lucky to have you!

  2. Pam says:

    sorry…I can’t stand that I wrote ” I gone” —should be” I have gone 😉 …first rule – always check your work!

  3. Debbie says:

    Love your new writing nook! Thanks for linking up the products too as I am pretty sure I need one of those chairs. Somewhere. I was just thinking about switching up the 2 spare rooms and moving my office to where the craft room is and vice versa. I don’t spend enough time in the craft room and too much time in the office, so maybe it would change if I switched them? hmmm. Thanks for sharing a peek into your home and process!

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