3 Game changers on my radar


Quest for Less continues with some good reads:

Fabulous, do-able tips that can transform your home. I liked Francine’s humor too. She’s quirky fun.

Find it here.

The book below has single-handedly changed the way I view my life. Bless you, Jen Hatmaker, for saying what needed to be said. Word to the wise–don’t read this on a airplane with your kids. You’ll embarrass them with rounds of cackling laughter and they’ll want to change seats.
















Available here.

* * *

Running is back in my life again.











via Zastavki.

After some dreadful clicking noises in my left knee (PH said he wouldn’t run with me b/c it grossed him out), I’ve been trying to stretch more before heading out the door all clad in dri-fit nonsense. I like how running makes me feel when I’m done—Instead of I like to run….I like to have run.

My next adventure is to batten down the hatches with this little combo. I’m ready to tone what I’ve got so that I can be a more efficient runner.

* * *

Regarding my news hiatus…I think I might be done.











The hiatus started a couple of years ago with an abandonment of local news  (because it’s plain sit-on-the-couch-and-cry awful) and then somehow I was living under a rock ( a very mossy one) without knowing what the heck was going on anywhere. At a dinner with friends a bit ago I was unaware of a major earthquake that had happened. I sat there like some kind wide-eyed ninny. Aside from feeling dumb, I also wondered if I appeared callus that I wasn’t informed about the world outside my abode door. It wasn’t about not caring about the goings on in the world—I just feel everything so deeply…especially when the incredible strife on our planet is right there assaulting my eyeballs in full color. I had trouble getting past it and it affected my overall mood.

In a gesture towards joining humanity, I hooked up with my pals at NPR.



They were the news delivers of choice in my childhood home. I’ve started listening every day while I got ready and on my runs. The beauty of the NPR iphone app is the topics pop up and you can choose what to read or listen to (like skipping the minutiae of gobs of moola in political fundraising and tuning in to the epic mess in Syria). I’m trying to cover all the major stories and also select the human interest stories that make me cock my head to one side with a turned up smile. I’ve learned so much even in the short time I’ve been out from under the rock! It’s been smashingly helpful in conversations and in my writing process.

Change is good :)

* * *

I find that these things are a pretty good representation of my summer as of late (that and crazy amounts of wanderlust travel, which I’m not ready to let go of). Pray for me when the rain sets in…I’m bracing myself!

What’s on your radar, lovelies?




P.S. There are still a couple of spots open in my September 24th-25th photography class at my studio outside of Portland, OR (Camas, WA just over the border). Email me if you want in!

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3 Responses to 3 Game changers on my radar

  1. For several years now I’ve been simplifying my life. The process started with getting rid of objects, to the point that I now own fewer than 500 items. But it’s progressed from decluttering my possessions, to decluttering my activities. If you have some time, I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of what I’ve written in my blog.

    BTW, I came across your blog because Holly is a mutual friend – she posted a link to this blog entry. She and I went to high school together.

  2. Tere says:

    I love NPR in the morning while driving to work. Just enough to keep me caught up and there are such interesting, unique stories too. Just spent 3-days in the woods camping with my four lovelies, lots of time to think about purging this house. Can’t wait to read 7. xoxo

  3. Pam says:

    I agree NPR is the way to go. When stuff like what start is dating who makes the NEWS?! I gave up. WHO cares! After that, all it is- is who got shot where and tearing down anyone who dares to get in the public eye weather they are in government,etc. NPR deals with the world as well as our own soil and I like that. I started reading the becoming minimalist blog and prob. need to invest in the book above! Thanks for the suggestions b/c aside from watching Hoarders to scare you, at least these book try and get a bit more into the psychology and benefits of purging your life.

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