31 Portraits & a brand new class

Just received this from Laurie Miller (grateful to you!)~

Recently I took a photography class from Lara Blair. I have owned my Canon Rebel xsi for a few years and had been feeling frustrated by my lack of skill behind the lens! The class was amazing. Lara was able to harness her vast knowledge into a user friendly format that a novice like me could understand. She took us through the technical aspects of our cameras. Showed us real life examples in her photography. Then had us try our new found knowledge. We did this by taking photos indoors with natural light, outdoors, and in a studio setting using the garage as an instant studio. She even had models come out for us to shoot. As a blogger this class is essential. Just this morning I was taking pics with my new found skills. Rooms that used to give me problems with lighting are no longer problems at all. It’s just a matter of knowing how to use the camera. Terms like iso, f-stop and shutter speed actually make sense! After taking Lara’s class I am more confident behind the lens. Knowledge really is power!

I have 15 spots for day one…only 5  for day two..all info is here..scroll down to “Ignite: Photography classes”. Email me if you’re ready to reserve your spot.


My last few in the “31 Portraits” project~

Jan. 23~ Chelsea Miller: aspiring food photographer, lover of well crafted beer and her boyfriend..enjoys working with children.

Technical info: iso 400, f/4 and shutter 1/125th, speedlight on a stand camera right triggered by Pocket Wizard.

Jan. 24~ Royce: energy charged Kindergartener, Transformer and lego fanatic, first choice for dinner hamburger and fries…wipes off kisses and avoids hugs.

Technical info: white background behind subject (unlit), f/2.8, 1/125th shutter, lit with 4×6 Prophoto softbox and Alien Bee light.

Jan. 25th~ Zane Sterling: Cowboy poet, keeper of the ranch, former pit boss, author…gentle giant and the king of hospitality

Technical info: sun just coming up behind hill (backlit), iso 4oo, f/5.6, shutter 1/250th, speedlight on a stand camera right triggered by Pocket Wizard.

January 26~ Da’Lainey: Texas horse girl, singer, lover of hotel swimming pools…beyond her years.

Technical info: bright and sunny Texas morning, hid subject behind spools for shade, speedlight on a stand camera right triggered by Pocket Wizard, iso 200, f/2.8, shutter 1/500th.

Jan. 27th~Cecilia Scott: Rodeo Queen, animal rescuer, hospitality diva, interior designer extraordinaire, uber-friend, mom and wife

Technical info: bright and sunny morning again, backlit subject with the sun and I hid behind a tree to avoid camera flare. iso 200, f/4, shutter 1/500th, speedlight on a stand camera right for fill.

Jan. 28th~ Alfred: beloved West Texas vet, man of the Word, believer in service, horse whisperer, father and husband.

Technical info: shot on the fly in about three minutes because horses kept moving out of the shot…sun going down, iso 320, 1/8, shutter 1/500th.

Jan.29~Tom: cowboy, lover of West Texas, King of humor, animal rescuer, motorcycle man, 1/2 of one of the greatest loves on the

Technical info: reflected morning sun back onto subject’s face with silver reflector while he was backlit, iso 200, f/2.8, 1/500


Jan. 30~ Mom: Mary Smith, Mara Scott-Wood stage name…lover of all things right brained. The most creative person I’ve ever met…and showing the world it’s never too late to find love again.

Technical info: in studio usual Hi-Lite set-up…iso 200, f/8, shutter 1/125th.

Jan. 31st~ Eva: owner of 20 lovies on her bed, trouble maker, skinny minny, little sister, wonderfully sophisticated sense of humor.

Technical info: same hi-key setup as previous image. In post production, I processed with a vintage Nichole V action a then faded the opacity by 40%.

* * *

Really, really loved this project, although there were a few days I was in panic mode because I had to come up with a model or the daylight was running out for what I had in mind. I will definitely make this an annual thing…good to kick-start the creative mojo in the new year. As I look over these faces, I’m struck by how many diverse individuals cross my path in a month’s time—faces are the most beautiful, authentic thing in the world to me, I think. It was especially nice when people saw their images and just said “thanks”… knowing they are fabulous just the way they are.

Happy weekend, lovelies~


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  1. Mikal says:

    Your month of photos was so beautiful Lara! Wonderful work – it is a great reminder to really “see” the people that cross our path in any single moment of a day. I love that!!

  2. Tina says:

    These are all so wonderful, Lara.
    I’m glad you’ll continue this series!

  3. Marita says:

    Inspirational Lara! Looked forward to the posts everyday!

  4. Gerri says:

    Have loved the 31 days but must have been insane to get it all in. Need a date with you and D Taute….will pursue this for sometime in Feb. you continue to inspire!

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