31 Portraits ~ Week 3

I continue to love this process.

It’s been a different feel to every mini shoot…the one below was a no-brainer, as my friend Salina and her family revel in their new sone from Ethiopia. It was a long wait and they are so grateful he’s home.

Teared up working on these. Love in pure form

Jan. 13~ Salina: proud mom of two, abs of steel, encourager of abs of steel at Barre3, luminous, graceful and hilarious.
Marquise: Home now.

Technical info: Shot in studio…iso 100/f/8..shutter 1/125th…used Hilite backdrop from Lastolite (which was f/16)  to expose subjects on white perfectly.

Jan. 14~ Reed: website/animation expert, gentle giant, devoted husband, lover of the “home zoo”, loved by Leni, Pink Floyd fan, the rescued princess.

Technical info: In studio… iso 100/f/5.6…shutter 1/125th.

Jan. 15~ Sierra: Horse whisperer, lover of nature, and fiercely devoted to compassionate vegan lifestyle.

Technical info: iso 200…small softbox set-up with a sb 800 Nikon flash unit at a 45 degree angle on a Pocket Wizard remote…f/2.8 (with a 70-200 mm lens), shutter speed 1/250 to darken backdrop a bit.

Jan.16~ Parker: lover of cars and basketball, the “little brother”, Pixar movie afficionado, snugglebug..favorite animal: Mr. Thumper.

Technical info: window light only, small reflector to put in catchlights in the eyes, iso 600…f/2.8..shutter 1/60th.

Jan. 17~ Heidi: birthday girl, big dreamer, glass is half full believer , hostess with the mostest…..BRAVE GIRL.

Technical info: small softbox set-up with Nikon sb 800 at a 45 degree angle…f/2.8..shutter 1/125th…it was a dark night outside and we had minimal ceiling light.

Jan. 18~ Jack: 3rd grade superhero, co-owner of the coolest treehouse ever, basketball player..favorite movie: Pixar’s “Cars”.

Technical info: snowy day so light bouncing all around off the white. I didn’t have reflector, but was wearing white, so I reflected in his eyes for catchlights. iso 200…f/2.8..shutter 1/250th. Freaky image look post procesed with a “bleach pass” in Nik Color Efex software after importing into Photoshop.

Jan. 19~ Ivy: Woman of style, mom to girls, Singaporean citizen, cat lover…would rather cozy up in front of the fire than lie on a beach.

Technical info: Shot in studio, fabric backdrop (bought in the upholstery section) behind her, beauty dish light modifier on a Alien Bee at f4..shutter 1/125th.

This week should be interesting as I head to Texas and I’m sure some truly fabulous “31 Portraits” subjects are waiting there.


I hope your week is going well, lovelies…we are well into the new year. Have you stepped up your game on any big dreams or wishes so far? Re-check your list and see what one thing you can do in the next few days to propel you closer to realizing something big.

his is the time!!


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  1. Kath says:

    Divine! Xo

  2. Sonnet Gal says:

    I can actually feel the love you captured between Salina and her son, as I am an adoptive mom, too.

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