31 Portraits ~ Week two

I think one of the greatest human needs is to be seen…to feel that people in the world really see you and that you matter. I know I feel like that sometimes…I just want a moment to express myself or be in a place and feel that my physical presence matters somehow in this big ‘ole crazy world.

Photography can do amazing things to fill this need. I have found that in these past few days of the “31 Portraits” project it is such a pleasure to sit with someone and acknowledge them as a person in what they do for a job, or where they are most comfortable…it might  just be about capturing them in a moment where they’re just “being”. We don’t have very many moments throughout the day like that as a society…and I can’t express how wonderful it is to make a portrait without an agenda…it’s a “just because” thing and I have really, really enjoyed it. I’m contemplating doing a “52 Portraits” project this year. The “one  a day” gets a little crazy because I put a lot of thought into it and it’s a time sucker (although it’s a quality one)…one a week is do-able and it will be so fun to decide who it will be each week. I like that part.

Maybe today you do a self portrait and just “be” for a few minutes. Or maybe you grab your friend or child and trade taking pics of each other in a pretty place. It’s a way of stopping the clock for a minute and can be such a lovely memory.


Week two~

Jan. 9~ Amy McGeachy: consultant, runner, mom to littles, encourager and friend, glad to be alive.

Technical info: Scene shot at ISO 200/…f/8…shutter 1/250th…Amy shot on hi-key backdrop…ISO 100…f/8…shutter 125…composite made in Photoshop CS5

Jan. 10~ Max: age 4…loves his toys, his older sister and soccer. Family considers him a ham & a chatterbox.

Technical info: shot in studio on brown Les Brandt background…ISO 100..f/4…shutter 1/125. “Chocolate syrup” action used from Kevin Kubota actions pack.

Jan. 11~ Alison: empty nester, Irish dress magic maker…lover of reading, good beer, the perfect work-out and punk rock music.

Technical info: shot in Alison’s studio..blinds closed…Nikon SB 800 flash on a stand & set on 1/2 power…iso 200…f/4…shutter dragged at 1/250th

Jan. 12~ Maria Vertopoulos Creager: Greek Goddess, hair genius, empty nester, tropical weather worshiper…showing us all how the 40’s should be in the head and body.

Technical info: (whole thing shot in under five minutes after my haircut!)…positioned Maria away from mirrors so flash wouldn’t reflect back. Nikon SB 800 on stand at 1/2 power..iso 200…f/4…shutter dragged 1/250th.


Happy weekend, lovelies—it might snow here (that’s a big deal for us!)


p.s. count down to “Top Secret in Texas Ya’ll” workshop…13 days…very exciting!

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  1. Sonnet Gal says:

    so true about the need to be seen…to be seen truly as who you are, not just the roles you play…looking forward to capturing that better after the workshop!

    See you in 13 days!!

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