A break..in spring










Taking a week-long technology break… Sending you spring happiness, Lovelies!


p.s. I think I’ve decided to give up Facebook…after a lot of pondering, it seems like the best idea in a long time. More on this when I get back.

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2 Responses to A break..in spring

  1. Tere says:

    Happy Spring Break!!! Enjoy your getaway with the ones you love.

    I hear you on the FB — and as long as I can find you “here”, all is good 😉 I saw this article today and thought of you — http://www.komonews.com/news/tech/Has-Facebook-become-less-fun-201061961.html

    Take care my friend.

  2. Debbie says:

    Great idea; I take a technology break a few times a year for an entire week and it’s *wonderful*. As for Facebook, I completely understand. It can be such a time suck. Recently I was contemplating leaving but I have quite a few family members and friends from afar that that is the only way they stay in touch. Or texting (ugh). Sigh. I decided there had to be a better way to utilize Facebook, and I went through my friends list and did some serious cleanup. Then everyone else got categorized into either “family” or “friends” lists. Now when I visit Facebook, instead of scrolling through the news feed on the home page, I go to the “family” and “friends” lists on the home page – this made a drastic change in the amount of time it took to “catch up” on everyone. I also went through my “liked” pages and grouped them into interest lists such as “animals,” “crafts,” etc. I just visit those lists of pages if/when I have time or am in the mood (sorta like pinterest boards by category). All these lists are on the “home” page over on the left side.

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