A creative life is the best life


Three years ago I walked away. I’d been living this creative, colorful life for years and I closed the door with a little crack to let the light in. I love teaching 3rd graders and it is abundantly clear that I made the right choice to go back into this important profession. And to be clear, I use a lot of creativity as a teacher, but not necessarily at my own personal art table. It was just that I didn’t see myself having time for all of it…the long, tiring classroom days…the paper grading…the meetings…the schlepping of my own children for sports and sleepovers…the meals that needed to be cooked…and a neglected house…oooh, the neglected house.

I just didn’t see how my creative pursuits could be wedged in the nooks and crannies of our packed schedule in this season of our lives. I know I believed at the time that I couldn’t live without these things in the longterm, but I was shying away from that crack in the door…it was confusing and a little sad.


June 1, 2016: I was a on a run and a wave of desire for all things creative crashed over me. I actually had to stop in the middle of the trail and ask (out loud) “What in the world? I need to pick up my camera. I need to write. I need to do another Ignite retreat with Elida.” It was so clear and so wonderful, that I am still in awe of how fast these feelings seeped into every ounce of me. I guess I was adjusted enough in this new career to feel ready to return to the things I love most. I’m so grateful for epiphanies…they are the glue that holds me together in this vida loca.



I’ve been voraciously reading books about encaustic photography, a love that I made some headway with a few years ago. Working with wax is a magic process and I have all my gear at the ready for when I return from Sunriver in our beautiful house Elida and I are using for our retreat in August. I get inspired here in the high desert—the light through the trees is sparkling and happy…and I have, thankfully, charged my DSLR camera (the Big Kahuna) instead of fumbling with my iPhone, which is convenient, but doesn’t do the scenery justice…nor can it be used to enlarge pictures. A hallmark of a good shot for me is always, “Would I blow this up and put it in the powder bathroom?”

I’m pretty sure that all of the creative endeavors I’ve worked with (photography, encaustic, soldering charms, collage, plaster paintings) will transpire in some sort of teaching event. I can’t help it…I was born a teacher and I get tremendous joy watching other women unfold their creative wings and take a leap. It’s one of my favorite things to do. So I shall do it…not sure how it will all fit, but there’s a room in my house just waiting to be transformed into a beautiful studio for inspired women to meet.


***The Ignite the Heart retreat in Sunriver, OR Aug. 4-7 has two spots left. We’d love to have you come! Here is the link with all of the information: ***


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2 Responses to A creative life is the best life

  1. Lara, You have no idea how much I relate to this post. I sold off all my paper creating materials, art stamps, stamp carving tools, racks, paints, etc. 5 years ago. I just couldn’t cope with the frustration I was feeling with it around me. I’m itching now, badly, to have my hands in some clay, some soil, around a camera…anything. Maybe sometimes we just need to take a break, as creatives, so things have room to bubble to the surface. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. larablair says:

    It’s a weird thing to just want to chuck it all, isn’t it?! I think for me it was about the business side..I was so tired of the hustle. Maybe now with a paid-by-someone-else job in hand, I can relax 😉 I hope you find your mojo and the experiences to go with them! Keep me posted.

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