A day at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch


















I talked a little about my visit with Kim Meeder (here with her horse, Elle) in this post.

The ranch itself is absolutely stunning. I can’t imagine anyone coming there to ride and not being totally enthralled with all that they’ve created….complete with Uber-Horse-Girls Kelsie and Sarah, the sweetest women you’d ever want to meet.


















They ALL had me at “hello” (equine and humans).












































There are an amazing group of people making this whole incredible operation hum along like a well-oiled machine. Along with Kelsie and Sarah is Judy, on Kim’s left. It is clear they are family.

The horses themselves were in fine form and I finally understand how much they are like dogs when it comes to showing off and playing…rolling around to itch their backs…





…racing each other around the ring. A huge thrill & highlight for me was the arena time in which I got to stand in the middle while the horses galloped around me. Kim was waving a red flag to get ’em going. I felt completely comfortable and in my element—it was fantastic!



















Dogs are a big part of the ranch as well (and Kim’s heart too–she just co-authored this book). These two get a lot of joy out of wrangling the horses…it’s what they were born to do.



































Lots of love to give as well…









The stories behind some of these horses would blow your mind. There is a one-eyed horse who had gunshot wound…there were malnutritioned and neglected horses who you would never believe have been through such strife. Remnant (below) was rescued from Hurricane Katrina and is currently enjoying a smorgasbord of daisies outside the arena.










These animals are happy (frisky and playful even!) and it is all due to the seventeen year love affair that Kim and her husband, Troy, have been having with this ranch. They started from scratch in this Mars-like environment with seemingly impossible terrain to navigate….










…and ended up with the perfect haven to love on horses and kids. I was in awe of what they’ve created as a team. Truly inspiring.

Kim and I had time to chat after the cameras were back in the car. We had a God-moment… I mentioned that I was heading to Hawaii in a couple of days and she immediately hooked me up with Toni Martin, a woman who does the same work on Maui. I love how when you pray about things and believe they can happen and the opportunity presents itself so easily. As you’ve seen here in MPG Land, I’ve got a really strong pull to Bend and Hawaii…’have for years. I’ve been asking for these two places to be in my life in terms of this Horse Girl book project…and voila! Within three days, I get to interact with both. So. very. cool.

Toni and I had an equally amazing time at her place, Maui Youth Ranch. I will be posting those images soon. She has miniature horses! Cutest darn creatures you’ve ever seen.

This work that is being done to heal–animals and humans–is so very important to the fabric of our society. These women have dedicated their lives to this cause and I am so proud to know them.

* * *

Hope your 4th was a blast, lovelies!!!




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  1. pam says:

    How wonderful! Can’t wait to see your pics from Maui!

  2. Sylvia says:

    I have been donating to the ranch am planning a trip next spring. I can hardly wait! Y our pictures were wonderful. God bless all your ventures!

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