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I am deeply devoted to my family.

I believe in owning lots of cowboy boots and wearing them with just about everything.

I have a loud laugh and do this often with my husband, the funniest person I know.

I like the insane amount of driving I do with my kids because we can talk about important stuff.

I write photo & art ideas on a million tiny pieces of paper around the house.

I find great joy in teaching and have re-sparked my career with a 3rd grade class in my town.

I love my windmill in my kitchen.

I think owning a dog can make you a better person.

I like to receive love letters.

I dream of biking in a small beach town with a basket of baguette and bouquets of wildflowers.

I will chat people up anywhere, anytime…even in a quiet elevator…much to the dismay of my kids.

I am happiest when surrounded by artsy stuff in my studio.

I like music that makes me feel things.

I have a tribe of women that ignite my heart and place a fire under my vision.

I lived outside of Manhattan for three years and still yearn for it sometimes, even though I’m a country girl now.

I like asking the question, “What is your dream job? If you could do anything, what would it be?”

I am a Brave Girl…and went to BG camp to prove it.

I am happy.

I am grateful.


….and…this is what my heart looks like on the inside~

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  1. L says:

    Lara, SO glad I got to run into you again at Barn House! You are so sweet and talented, I love the pics you took of all us vendors, brings back great memories of such a fantastic day!! Oh, and the ones of you with Debbie & Laurie, y’all are so stinkin cute 😀 Would love to stay in touch with you! xoxo

    House of Harvest

  2. Rhonda mancini says:

    Met you in Wa. with my daughter,Jen Ulrich, at a Brave Girl art show. I have 4 grandchildren Tyler 10, Miles 3, Corbin 4 and Kinsey his sister 1. What do you think of doing outside pics of all 4, then Kinsey by herself who just started to walk? Jen lives in Vancouver and Michelle lives in Oregon City. also, cost??? I loved meeting you and Melody Ross. Rhonda

  3. Callie Barry says:

    Hi, my name is Callie I’m from West Plains Missouri I found your website and ended up you had my dads Harley in your picture and his buddies, they where very honored to meet you.So you don’t think my dads and his buddies are some crazy harley men my dad Calvin owns a scrap yard called West Plains Recycling he is the one that is standing to your left , Bob Lee the one that has his arm around you he owns a place called Hooded Performance they build racing engines,and Trent is the Manger of our Wal-Mart here back in West Plains. You really made there day and gave them something to talk about when they came back home. You do some really awesome pictures

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