Apps, Apps baby

I’m always on the prowl for fun new apps for my iPhone 5. Luckily, my pals know this and alert me when cool ones arrive on the scene. These are my new faves:

Hispstamatic (which I’m thinking you already own) has separate lenses and film types you can purchase within this app. I’ve been looking for a tintype look for my iphoneography forever (you know, like Civil War portraits) and this one is great: Tintype Snap Pak.


Also for Hipstamatic is the Foodie Snap Pak for those of you who (like me) seem to consistenty photograph your plate. I can’t help it! Food is so beautiful. This lens has the perfect amount of edge blur and saturated color.


If you’ve ever seen Instagram rock star, Chrysti Hydeck’s texture-laden imagery, you’ll love this app. Distressed FX  created a dreamy textured look to your images in seconds.  BTW, Chrysti also co-wrote Photocraft with Susan Tuttle, one of all-time favorite photographers—highly recommend it.


Also, for added convenience, the app TapShot allows you to rapid fire by holding the volume up button. Handy for taking multiple shots on the field!

* * *

I hope you are having a great start to your new year—have you chosen your WORD for 2013? So far so good on mine.

I also am making a food change….It’s day 10 without any sugar. It’s getting easier as I go…but tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in pursuit of the world’s best sugarfree cupcake. We shall see!

Happy week to you, Lovelies!



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  1. pam says:

    Good luck w/ the sugar free thing – WOW! Love the tintype app, definitely need to get that one! I chose my word and boy if it hasn’t been put to the test already in the first 5 days! That’s what it’s about though isn’t it? FAITH. Thanks for the app run-down.

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