Around the Bend….

Hello, lovelies! I hope the end of summer is shaping up to be all that you need it to be.

The fam and I just returned from a fun jaunt to our favorite part of the NW, Central Oregon. If you’ve never been to the high desert, it’s a magical place with a lovely small-ish town called Bend in the heart of it all.  In fact, Bend has captured my heart completely and if given the chance,  I would spend a great deal more time there during the year.

Love this image by the talented photographer, Paul Wiles of some serious “purple mountain’s majesty”~

Did I mention that there are 300 days of sunshine a year?


Did I tell you it has an adorable revived downtown complete with historical movie theater?

via Helene’s Dreams

We stay in an outdoorsy, recreational resort called SunRiver, which is about 20 minutes outside of Bend.

The pool/bike path situation is just fantastic and now that our kids are older they go off on their own (yah!) and PH and I ride our tandem. Someone told us we “look ridiculous” (5’5″ me with my face right at PH 6’6″ tush level), but we just love it.

Crater Lake is one of those places that must be added to your bucket list…an amazing wonder that will blow your mind. It sits at the top of a 7,000-foot-high dormant volcano and its crater is filled with incredibly cold, fresh water.

via All kinds of History

Big Kahuna vacay’d at home alone while I snuggled up to my iPhone this trip:

With my mountain man leading the way, we hiked (there was snow!) up to the look-out tower which looks teeny tiny from the ground…much like our car on the bottom~

The drive to and from was full of this…

…and this…

..and fantastical vintage signs that I wanted to stuff in the trunk..

…and then topped the whole thing off with a shopping stop in the Old Mill district, which holds our family’s Mecca, REI (PH wants his ashes sprinkled there).

It was lovely, lovely and I am already plotting and scheming our return in the fall…and winter…and spring…

With the equine photography part of my business going well, I plan on some trips to private ranches out there to capture the beauties..made some contacts and am excited about a solo trip to Bend, as well…I need that trailer to get this MPG stayin’ in style!

 Don’t you think?

Found this in the bushes right near my house on what seems like an abandoned piece of property~

…it’s got my wheels churning.

Happy summer, sweet friends~


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6 Responses to Around the Bend….

  1. Pati Hinkel says:

    There’s your little “trailer home” you’ve been wishing for!

  2. Mikal says:

    LOL You are as bad as me! I’ve got them staked out all over my area… I’m almost at the point to start knocking on doors. EEEKKK!

    Bend is awesome – so much to do there, glad you all had a great time!

  3. Wow! You have me wishing I was there! I must visit Bend soon.

  4. Holly says:

    Great pictures Lara! That was part of the trip Baba and I took earlier this summer. So beautiful. Grandma Holly

  5. Kristie says:

    Coincidence–I just took my first trip to Sunriver/Bend last weekend as well! It’s so gorgeous. Glad to get to relive a little through your snaps. There were lots of things that we passed that gave me pause to think of your particular brand of photography too! Hope you have a few more adventures before summer disappears.

  6. Joy Gross says:

    Love Bend… I wanted to move there. :)

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