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I just finished the book Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin. She wrote about being inspired by Dwellings, miniature art scene by Charles Simonds at the Whitney Museum.


This work inspired her to have an installation done in her own kitchen cabinet. I’m a total fan of small art… I’ve always been fascinated by tiny masterpieces. I think that’s why I order dollhouse accessories and keep them in my stash to be used in my art “some day”. I had a childhood friend who received the most beautiful miniature food in the mail from her cool, artsy aunt in NYC.














via WhoDesignedIt














via TelegraphUK

I loved looking at those tiny little cakes! They were so special….I guess I haven’t gotten over it.

So this brings me to my artist crush(es) for the week.

Lori Nix, Queen of the Diorama, does such incredible work, it leaves me speechless. She creates mini scenes with such detail you have to get in super close to take it all in. She builds the models and then photographs them—the prints are the displayed art.



I sense the 3 D’s in her work: Disaster ~ Decay ~ Dread.  It’d be interesting to see what’s behind the subject matter for Lori in that artist brain of hers. ‘Also would be fascinating to see how much storage space she must have in her studio to put all the pieces for the works. I can’t even imagine the time and energy it takes to work this small—I can barely put my contacts in in the morning!

* * *

Also on the small side of things is Slinkachu who creates street installations and photography. Clever isn’t even a strong enough word to describe this stuff—I think if I came across one of these beauties in my travels I would jump and make squealing sounds.























Slinkachu has published books of the images and I  think I might need to own it for a little rainy day reading fun.


* * *

This site cracks me up—any destination with the tag line Abandoning little people on the streets since 2006 is a place to hang out.


















I guess I’m just impressed with cleverness. I even have a Pinterest board of it to prove  it.

Happy weekend, Lovelies!



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3 Responses to Art done little

  1. alphabetstory says:

    wonderfully intriguing. Have a miniature collection also. mmmmm….

  2. So cool. I love this stuff, especially the little scenes of destruction/decay/abandon. Like tiny tilt-shift photos. (though I guess the photos are supposed to look like little toy scenes. Like these! Thanks.

  3. Laura says:

    I really like the miniature people art too. I’m on Pinterest but I like better. I have a stash of links and photos for the little people are there.

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