Art for my wall

While I was pinning myself to death, I found a pattern in my taste in art. I’m in the process of creating a wall of art in the abode and I was thinking about investing in some small pieces. These incredibly talented folks really float my boat. ‘Thought it would be fun to share them today.

Emily Isles





















Scott Redden


Fumi Koike


Jessica Brilli


Janet Hill Studio


 Anne Smith



















I’m excited about a chair.

Yes, I am. It’s a little random, but I’m basing the look of the whole art wall on this chair. Behold…Mr. Happy Seat:











It’s been fun trolling the web for ideas about wall displays. I really love the walls that have many different styles of frames. I got a plastic baroque frame and sprayed it with white lacquer like this one—super cute!












I might just go a little crazy and lacquer the heck out of everything in my path this holiday. It’s modern, with a twist !

Some nice displays~


















via Afewthingsfrommylife


via StyleByEmilyHenderson






















photograph: Martin Hahn for Real Living Magazine


(actually love everything about this room above…I think my next Mr. Happy Seat  will be that  Panton chair. I had a couple in my room when I was a kid in yellow–ah, fond memories)















via (love this site for decorating ideas!)

It’s fun to have a home decor project…it’s been awhile.

* * * * * * *

Our winner of the Sassy Apron  giveaway is:

Julie!!! Yippee! I emailed you for your deets so Lana can get it to you in time to bake those 7 layer bars you were telling us about.

Thanks so much for leaving your comments, lovelies! I wish I could take a trip to all of your kitchens to sample your favorite cookie treats.

Happy week~


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