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New blog address

CHANNELING  SUPERGIRL It’s never too late to achieve girlhood dreams. This is the place to gain encouragement, inspiration and tools. It’s time. COME VISIT!

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6 steps to overcome a complaining habit

It’s been awhile, my lovelies. It seems that third grade is swallowing me up…yet not in a bad way. I am completely submerged in  9-year-old Land and it’s wonderful. A ton of work, but wonderful. * * * So, I … Continue reading

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My word for 2015

Commitment….That’s my word for 2015. This word can conjure up scary images of runaway brides on the Hallmark Channel or a personal trainer berating a person in the face of a new diet plan. It may even give a visual … Continue reading

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Paintings (photography too!) Edward hopper style

You could say I’m a “noticer” of many things. In fact, I get stimuli overload pretty easily…but the good news is that beauty seems to pop out at me everywhere. Art in particular…and how light is portrayed in art. My … Continue reading

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Anyone else have a lot of party gear, but never use it?

Entertaining the Joneses: Illusions of Grandeur Yet another quandary of suburban living: habitual get-togethers. Currently, I do not make a practice of cooking and party-planning for the masses. I think in my 20’s I had visions of the neighborhood sauntering over … Continue reading

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