Building memories at warp speed


I’m always on the look-out.

We have quite a collection going at this point…might even need to create a new bowl for all of the rocks brought back from adventures. To me they represent so much more than a souvenir from nature...they are a tangible reminder of what these family trips have meant to the process of building lasting memories…for all of us in this busy family.

In just six short years my girls will fly out into the world on their own, ready for college adventure. It just isn’t enough time to do all of the things we want to do. PH and I were sitting around the picnic table at a beautiful state park where we were camping and the kidlets were off to the river on their own. He asked me a question that put a little panic in my heart:

“How much longer do you think they will want to go on these summer trips and hang out with us?”

There will be summer jobs…summer boyfriends…events and parties they won’t want to miss. I guess I just plan on letting them know way in advance and insist that we head out in the Twinkie with wild abandon in our hearts no matter what…even if there’s initial grumbling.


Yes, this Airstream project has been super fun from a design/DIY standpoint…but I know now that it has meant so much more than that to me. It will hopefully serve as the glue that can hold us together (in tight quarters, I might add) in busy summers. I shamelessly got the girls involved in the process so they would have ownership and want to adventure in the Twinkie with us. So far so good.

There is another thought that comes to mind when getting out in the world away from home….unplugging and reconnecting


…with gorgeous natural surroundings. This heads-down-eyes-glued-to-gadgets-thing is something I fear. And I’m not just talking about kids—I’m counting all of us in this mess. My oldest made a very astute statement in the car on the way back from summer camp (where no phones or gadgets were allowed): “Mom, it was a funny thing…everyone I talked to at camp agreed that it was so great not to have our phones. We were actually dreading going back into that pattern at home.” (!!!) I think it’s an “even playing field” thing…like in the awesome 80’s—-as horrific as this decade was fashion-wise, there were times when we actually connected face to face…we were all babies in this fast-changing techy world with our note-passing and lunch table gabbing…not knowing what we were about to embark on. I do miss my pre-internet brain. How about you? Anyway…I digress…I love it when my kids are running from the campsite to the river to the field for volleyball to the snack shack. It is youth-without-plugins returned.

A Stonehenge replica near the park where we stayed is really an amazing site. It was fun to have a history lesson on what the original was for. They were impressed (a little), I think. I was loving the photo-opps in this magical place…so many…speaking of gadgetry! Ha! I’m guilty.


This morning I sit here in the quiet, relishing these slower summer days. Soon the alarms will blare at unreasonable hours and we will be off and running through hectic schedules. Yet…for now…my focus is finding the heart rocks all around me in this beautiful season.

What are your heart rocks, Lovelies?


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