Creating a Gallery Wall

Hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine was full of family and nest tending.

I love messing with the nest.

Remember when I was collecting images of gallery walls? I have been obsessed lately…slowly compiling my own pieces of love for a small wall in my kitchen.

















Forgive the icky image…the Big Kahuna was resting at the studio after a long week of dog work. Anyway, you get the idea.

First I took out my kids’ artwork and picked my faves. Then I photographed them and had my lab print the images small to fit in the frames.






















The ornate frames were originally black (from Tar-jay) and I painted them with white lacquer. Love that painted Baroque look.

Second, I cut out newspaper pieces in the sizes of all the random frames. Shown here on my floor after I forgot to snap a pic while they were up on the wall :) With them taped up, you can move them around easily to see what configuration you prefer…you can also nail the hole through the paper without having to hold up the frames.













Fun to pick the art that could go up there…and the thought of rotating things out now and then is pretty cool too.
















Of course, I had great helpers…such enthusiastic participants when it comes to creative home projects.















I think the sound of the hammer in our house is one of those nail-on-the-chalkboard things for PH…I’m queen of the non-precision hanging experience (lots of nail holes to make it work). It is what it is. Sigh.

Project Gallery Wall was complete and I curled up in front of the fire and read my favorite glossy of all time.













In the words of the English, “It’s bloody expensive to buy it stateside.” But oh, do I believe it’s worth every penny. I like to buy the hard copy from a local magazine place that has a massive wall of foreign design glossies. I always tell the fam to drop me off and come back in a week (or at least 30 minutes) so I can take it all in.  I’ve got quite the library of Living Etc going and I can’t bring myself to dog-ear and mutilate them like I do with the others sitting in the glossy cabinet cemetery. I like to go back to Living Etc. for inspiration again and again. The designers who put this thing together are bold and fabulous…two of my favorite adjectives.

* * *

Design has been heavy on my mind…this always happens when I’m enjoying enough family time. The abode is my safe haven and I like some impromptu fluffing.

How ’bout you?

What do you do to fluff the nest?

Happy week, Lovelies!




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  1. Amber says:

    You are inspiring me. All the walls in our new home are bare. I’ve got pictures leaning against the walls I might want them on, but still haven’t decided. Typically, I’m like you…lots of holes in the wall til i get it right. But I think cause we’re in a rental I’m hesitant to start hammering away. There is a giant, tall wall in the living room that I would love to have lots of different framed pictures and art, but I don’t know where to start and am kinda chicken to actually do that!

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