Dogs of West Texas

I love dogs as much as I love cowboy boots.

And when you put cowboy boots, West Texas hospitality and the canine friends together, I just can’t help but grab the Big Kahuna and fire away all day long.


You may remember that I actually make a living photographing dogs and horses (people too…but the creatures are my fave). My dog photography book just came out with Amherst Media and I was very excited to head out to hang with the three muskateers at the Windmill Ranch Preserve  where I teach an annual class. These kids have personalities bigger than most humans. Sister Girl is on the left, Jock is in the middle and Lola is on the right.


Jock was a puppy the first time I met him and now obeys commands (and retreats in the bushes from the heat). He got attacked by a porcupine while I was there–not good, but they got the quills out.



Goldens really don’t come more beautiful than this guy. They are not the easiest breed to photograph because they’re all over the place, but they are the ones you remember because they are so darn loving and sweet.


Lola, ever the showgirl, spends a lot of time panting and laying vertically. She’s an old girl and makes grunting noises when she lays down. I worry that she won’t be there the next time I go to the ranch.


When you see Lola, Sister Girl is not far away in the same sprawled out position….between a few drinks at the watering hole.

* * *

My pal Cecilia (who is such a gracious host and forever friend) is the woman in town who rescues anything with four paws. She is so known for this that she’ll find animals left on her doorstep because the locals know she’ll take care of them. This old girl, Belle, wandered her property like a dog without a country, but I did manage to get her to pose for me for five minutes before I caught my plane. I adore old dogs–their wise eyes and gray whiskers. They are just the best.



Mr. Cody is the newest addition. He’s part dingo and it shows—lots of herding you around the property. The many cats they have aren’t thrilled with this new herding addition, but they are adapting. Cecilia (ever the uber-stylist) thought up this little ensemble for him. He really is worthy of jewelry–Hail Prince Cody.



The two different colored eyes will make him popular with the ladies. He’s just so completely gorgeous—I was bummed not to have all day to dress him up.


So there you have it…the Wonder Dogs of West Texas. I miss them already…hoping to see them again (and my fun-loving ladies as well) another time this year. Once a year isn’t enough for me to live in a Cecilia hug and snuggle with the pooches.

Happy week to you, lovelies!



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4 Responses to Dogs of West Texas

  1. Marita says:

    I adore these dog images. You really capture the sweet souls if these pooches. Hanks for sharing.

  2. Marita says:

    Thanks!! Not hanks.

  3. Beautiful photographs of gorgeous loving creatures! Way to capture their spirit!

  4. Kim Scott says:

    I love the pics. Especially of Belle. Great, great, great!

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