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“Fear Overcoming” ~ matted print 2012

I find that taking steps toward truth and happiness in my life sometimes involves risk…sometimes it masquerades as the basement dweller fear. I have found that the best way to go down this path is to ask myself one question:

What do I know to be true right now?

When summer was in its infancy (and our area was barely busting  60 degrees), I was trying to decide what I was going to do work-wise when the kids got out of school. With all of the hemming and hawing (one of my spiritual gifts), I asked myself this million dollar question. I grabbed the nearest chewed up pencil and scribbled what I believed to be true right now:

~The summers are limited before my children are gone from the nest.

~Romantic get-aways with PH are great for our marriage.

~Lasting family memories are made by traveling to fun and exciting places…with sand spilling out of the suitcase on the back-end.

~Getting a tan in front of a glowing computer screen in a hot studio office makes me cranky.

~Reading more than is humanly possible in one summer can only make me more interesting.

~Long stretches of writing will help me see where this being an author  thing is really going.

~It takes focus and drive to whip a post-40 body into shape.

~I want the Ameena Project shin-dig to be so fabulous (and succe$$ful) that we will want to do it again next summer.

Now here’s the not-so-fun list I knew to be true swirling around my summer decision:

~It takes $____ to pay my studio bills for three months.

~I need to get up at the BCOD (buttcrack of dawn) to get my writing and reading done.

~There needs to be a daily run involved to combat the yummies going in the tummy via the pie-hole.

~I need to find someone to comandeer the pooches while we meander all over creation.

~Editing will need to be done for work in the cool of the morning (see above..BCOD).

When I wrote it all out this way…guess what?

No one died.

It seemed do-able. Strangely do-able for chick like me who seems to make everything so ridiculously complicated.

I like to ask this question when I feel the hand-wringing coming on….like when I’m faced with taking a certain job for my business…or going on a trip…or volunteering for something.

Just the facts, ma’am.

That’s all we ask, for crying out loud…then I can see how truly cut and dried a decision is really is. (Remember When it’s not a “Yes”, it’s a “No”)

Do you make things overly complicated? Please tell me you do.

Totally need one of these:













Via Storenvy.

Happy weekend, lovelies!

Adventure awaits—will be back posting in a week!





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3 Responses to Ending complication with one magic question

  1. Great advice. I can definitely use this right now. I am going to sit down this weekend and list what I know is true. I think is will make things so much clearer for me. Thanks Lara. Also congrats on being published recently! I hope you continue writing. Your writing, photography and creativity inspire me so much!

  2. Karen says:

    I tend to overly complicate, but am also simplifying and it makes things so much easier. Focus on what is important.. things that seem big usually are not the big of a deal I find. If you need help on the eating/fit part.. that’s my area of expertise…

  3. Erinne says:

    ***MY mother covets your windmill. I have looked high & low & all over for one like it and have had zero luck.

    If you EVER want to sell it, I live in Bend and would joyously make the trip to you to pick it up.

    I’m 100% serious. Standing offer.

    NOTHING is too good for my Mama. I love her enough to resort to begging on a blog! Ha!

    Blessings to you!


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