Fab Finds (& a give away!)

Books and Art….Art and books…

So little time to enjoy all of the wonderful books piled high by my bedside.. Not enough hours in the day to take in all of the incredible art being made in the world.

I must spend a great deal of time with my mouth hanging open

in awe

of the talent

in this world.


Peggy Sirota (coolest site landing page ever, btw) has been around for some time and seems to be a rockstar of sorts in the celebrity portrait-making world…

… but I just came across her book. She’s writing another one called (of course, Guess Who Two). clev-ah.

Guess Who?


Loving art made by watercolorist Happy (yes, that’s her name) Menocal. So delicate and lovely.




It’s amazing how she takes simple every-day objects and creates such serene, sweet scenes out of it. Love her!


Also loving art by Duy Huynh. It takes me to a different place–far away from here.


Always been a big fan of Steve Simon, master photographer. He captures amazing documentary images in this big ‘ole world with a new book, The Passionate Photographer:

This is our give-away this week! If you want to be truly inspired to take some wonderful images this season—especially as we roll into summer when there’s so much out there in the world that comes alive—this is the book for you. I really love it and I know you will too.

To win Steve’s book, please leave a comment telling me what you have a passion for photographing. Winner announced Friday.

My passion is dogs…horses…girls with their horses…and ladies in huge dresses in the forest :)

Happy spring, lovelies! I hope you had a blessed and relaxing Easter with your family~


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9 Responses to Fab Finds (& a give away!)

  1. A simple moment in time or object that would be overlooked in every day life, but when artistically captured by the lens takes one’s breath away (a petal, a perfect summer peach being bitten into, dappled light, a worn canvas sneaker); that’s what I would like to learn to do so I can chronicle my children’s lives and give them a momento someday.

  2. Marita says:

    My passion- one word. Chicago.
    My city. HOME.
    Real, strong, raw, gritty, beautiful.
    Around every corner- a new perspective
    a new face.
    When I have the chance to make portraits
    in this city with people who love Chicago too-
    Now that’s SOMETHING!

  3. Lynne B says:

    Edgy photography of real people, from every walk of life, I love watching human raw emotion from “the deep” to “the highs”, it’s a journey we all live thru and when it is captured by the lens it always touches something in my heart.

  4. Jeanette says:

    I love photographing my children! It is probably most parents passion, however I can’t get enough of capturing there sweet faces as they explore their world. We happen to live in a gorgeous place, so capturing them exploring in the beautiful greenery that is the PacNW makes it all the more fun!

  5. Julie says:

    Oh for sure it would me my daughter with our horses. She seems to connect with them in a way that is hard to always capture on film but I do try.

  6. Sonnet Gal says:

    My passion is people….their eyes, their smile, their sorrow…especially older people who have lived a life of service and dedication to our country and to their families. Every wrinkle on their face is an untold story. The light in their eyes is a younger day when they were in love. I enjoy capturing them doing what they do best, too, not posed and cheesy, but comfortable in their skin.

  7. Mikal says:

    A room full of 2 and 4 year olds playing would be heaven for me to photograph. I can just hear the laughter coming from their little belly’s. I love their inquisitive expressions as they learn something new and live in the moment. Toddlers are my very favorite thing!

  8. Cindy says:

    I love taking pictures of nature, animals and old architecture. But recently, I became a first time grandmother, so my grandson is in my viewfinder frequently!
    I love Steve Simon’s work1 Breathtaking..

  9. Kara Fuqua says:

    I’m passionate about photographing kids being kids, adults being kids, horses (being horses lol), and pictures that portray my love of country life and repurposed/vintage items. Oh, and SHOES! I think my photography is eclectic like my personality. When it comes down to it I’m passionate about photographing life as I see it, since I’m passionate about life.

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