Fab Finds

Gregory Colbert’s exhibit Ashes and Snow  is one of those experiences that is so surreal, you won’t quite believe that the images were taken without trickery or Photoshop magic.






















The feelings that these images invoke in me are indescribable. It is photography at its best and I never tire of looking at his work.

* * *

Loving this trailer art! Jessica of vol.25 makes the sweetest stuff–check out her shop.

Of course, this is my favorite print….Sylvia, our ’77 airstream is coming along friends…very excited to do the big reveal!

* * *

Heidi Lender is a new fine art photography find.


The girl uses her airstream as a prop in her self-portraits!

What’s not to love?

Her series of below the knees images will blow your mind.


Such awesome creative ideas and the follow-through is the best part.

* * *

Thank you friend, Lisa, for bringing these little beauties to my attention….for the Pacific Northwest dwelling cowgirl who still wants to look cute in the dark, rainy months.



I would love to rock these in a soggy wet soccer game complete with bright red raincoat—fun and cheerful!

* * *

I just had my quarterly photography class and I was sad to see it end. Such lovely women with a heart to learn something new—I always walk away from these classes inspired to push my own art along.

Lovelies, I hope your autumn season is full of leaf frolicking and pumpkin picking!






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4 Responses to Fab Finds

  1. Beth West says:

    I love the Elephant Girl photo.

  2. Mikal says:

    I can see you in those cute boots and rain-jacket!

    When will you do your next photography class? I’m thinking I want to give it to my daughter for a Christmas present….

  3. Mikal says:

    I had to come back and tell you “WOW” on the Heidi Lender photos. She is definitely inspiring!

  4. gotham girl says:

    Thank you so much for showcasing and sharing Heidi’s work. I’m now a very devoted fan!

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