Fab Photos ~ OVER and out

It seems I have quite a few photo apps on the ‘ole iPhone and I’m thinking half of them don’t get used—BUT, I did find a new one that is irresistible.







OVER…it’s so lovely not to have to do text on images in Photoshop after downloading…the fonts are super cute too.

So…this week in images:

New kicks…for some reason I’m really into yellow right now. Miz Mooz shoes are definitely a luxury, but I will have these forever.


The flowers have been gorgeous around here lately. We have had unbelievable amounts of sunshine and you know how I love it when the big ball in the sky comes to play in the NW.


I mentioned here that my word was RELEASE for 2013. Having a bit of a tough time remembering that, but thankfully my buddy Heidi gave me this as a visual.


On a morning run last weekend I noticed these lighter needles on the evergreens on our property. They are fresh, new and full of promise…kind of like I’m feeling right now. Growth is good, right?!



This picture was sent to me by my ex-Pat friend, Lisa, who is currently galavanting around Shanghai with her husband and kids. I love her Instagram shots—so much color! She snapped this of PH and me before they left and it makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. Mind you, he’s 6’6” and I’m a shrimp, so go figure. Lisa said in her email,  “Next time we will put you on a booster chair and jack up the camera!”


I’m feeling so much more relaxed now that I know what the future looks like.

Teaching, I’m finding, is like breathing for me.

I love it…had forgotten how much these little beings add to my life. Why did I wait so long? Ahhh….I know that everything I’ve done up to this point has been of value. It’s all a means to an end, for sure—that is one thing I’ve tucked deep inside this heart of mine. Such gratitude this week—it’s seeping out everywhere!

Love to you, Lovelies~


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3 Responses to Fab Photos ~ OVER and out

  1. Amy Palmer says:

    I so enjoyed meeting you this weekend at your retreat. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and for being such a true inspiration. The exposure and connection to each of you lovely ladies was just what I needed! Amy

  2. Pam says:

    Congratulations again! That picture is too funny! You know one good pair of shoes that might cost a little more are way better than 5 or 6 cheap pairs that add up to the same cost…very cute! Hope you are gearing up for a great summer!

  3. Deana Wolfe says:

    Congratulations on your newest up coming journey that is really exciting. It is really good sometimes to take a break and walk down streets to find that very special shop you have been searching for and really didn’t know it and then one day your there…
    Those young’ins will be so excited and not to mention lucky to have you for a teacher. I wish you the happiest of days ahead on your new venture.

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