Fall Texas evening photo shoot


My photography retreats, whether in other parts of the world, or right here in my hometown outside of Portland, OR always involve a mock-up photo shoot with a model.

Meet Mikaela, the lovely Texas belle we were lucky enough to work with.

A little thought about flare and shooting into the sun: because I’m from rainsville up here in the NW, this isn’t usually part of the fun so I really wanted to try to work with the sun instead of against it. I thought it could create a mood.


Backlight is my favorite, by far…especially when there is shiny hair involved, like Mikaela’s. I really love the light flowing through the balloons. I shot this with an ISO of 100, f/8 and a shutter speed that was pretty high, if I remember correctly. I hid the sun behind the tree in this one, unlike the top image where I shot straight into it.


This whole shoot was about dodging the sun then facing directly into it. Flare is tricky…When shooing for clients I like to pair flared images with perfectly lit metered images…it gives a little dreaminess (like a feeling when you look at them) on the side.



Ever the stylist, Cecilia brought some really fun clothes and props. These giant pinwheels were funny…we weren’t sure what to do with them, but Mikaela did a great job of mixing it up.


I love this dance floor at the Windmill Ranch. The use it for parties and weddings and it just screams cowboy formal. I love the sun coming through her dress.


We were just missing a boy to complete this scene! It would’ve been hard to find an other half to compliment this beauty…she played to the camera so well on her own.

* * *

I shot this with a small soft box on my Nikon off camera flash. The soft box (by Westscott) has a contraption that has a mount for your flash. I set the flash to manual and use a light meter to set my f-stop. I shot this at f/4.


This was metered at f/4 with no flash (also a little earlier so the sun hadn’t gone down completely yet). I actually prefer the one above…a little more drama.


There are dogs, dogs and more dogs at the ranch…they somehow always end up in our pictures! They know that I’m a dog person, I guess. I actually will post some fun pooch inspired snaps this week.


The above shot was also shot with the small soft box—I put it farther away from her…you can also tell the sun is still on the horizon with the ample ambient light.

* * *

Hoping your planning some fun this weekend, lovelies! We are gearing up for a big doctor’s appt. on Monday for our girl. We find out if the leg bones need to be re-set…praying that’s not the case. Until then we’re just plugging along with the wheelchair…poor little lamb is tired and frustrated. Me too.


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2 Responses to Fall Texas evening photo shoot

  1. Kalani Davis says:

    I can feel the warmth through your pictures that make this rainy Monday not so bad. Thanks for sharing them. :)

  2. Marita says:

    Gorgeous Lara! My fav is your model walking away with the big pinwheels.

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