Fall wardrobe favorites

Hello, lovelies….

I hope you’re having a smashing day off wherever you are. This weekend I was playing in the closet…putting new combos together of old clothes. I’m really trying not to purchase new things these days—save a few Tar-jay accessories here and there. We have a fabulous resale store called Buffalo Exchange in Portland and I love popping in there once in awhile to go on the hunt for something fun and unusual. I’ve gotten two of my most favorite Free People pieces there….ya gotta dig, but it’s worth it.

I’ve seen a few patterns in my clothing choices this season….not to mention some faves that I turn to often enough that my kids ask me, “Are you going to where that again?” ‘Love me some opinionated middle school conversation to put me in a place of complete security when it comes to how I look.

These are some favorites:

Big Chunky, long scarves for multiple neck wrapping (this one from Tarjay)~





















Via What-do-I-Wear

Boots with leg warmers sticking out the top…I got these exact boots at REI and I love them because they’re waterproof~









via LoveItSoMuch 














via Classy in Carolina

…and pairing boots with long layered sweaters~














Via Peruvian Connection 

Sweaters with fringe (this one is secondhand and I love the color! Green is new for me)~















Striped shirts and sweaters (me in my messy closet with my new $10 Buffalo Exchange sweater) ~

























via Polyvore 

Kick-a$# Old Gringos that make me feel like a million bucks (My Bonnie boots are already needing to be resoled and I’ve only had them two years!) ~

These are on my Christmas list:















I got a secondhand sheepskin coat that I love—it’s so warm and makes me feel like a girl out on the prairie in Montana. This one looks just like it.













via Lux Plus Blog 

Fingerless gloves are so practical around here as it doesn’t get super cold. I love these from the Esty shop Elde ~












Here’s hoping you have a wonderful week!



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