Friday Fabulous

Pressed publish by mistake…but HEY! It’s already Friday in my heart.

So, that’s what’s been happening around here lately.

We are counting down the days to our holiday down-time. Very excited to not be on a schedule for a little while and just enjoy my family.

Some fun finds for you lovelies:

1) Crush on this anonymous photographer JR and his amazing mission.

2) As you can see above, I am in love with this new book.

3) My pal Amber has been busy and I just got one of these for a friend for Christmas.

4) Put this in the abode and wonder how I ever loved my living room without it.

5) In the interest with sticking with the circle theme, I’m embarking on this project.

6) I  still laugh at this site..especially as we plan our Christmas card.

7) Inspiration for that sweater party you’re going to. Happy weekend, lovelies!




p.s. Just a reminder that my photography class makes a great gift for that camera loving person on your list :)

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One Response to Friday Fabulous

  1. Pam says:

    LOVE the awkward family photos site…always good for a big laugh! I have seen people specifically make ones for cards just to be funny, kind of those Napoleon Dynamite poses. You have been busy!

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