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~ East Coasters (New Yorkers in particular) are tough, tough people with grit and heart. They will prevail as the prayers go up in the aftermath of Sandy. When we lived there I had trememdous respect for them. I definitely *heart* NY and thinking about them round the clock.

~Been looking at images of my precious family this week as I take in the fact that my girl is on the mend. This case made of Instagram images is the coolest! I just ordered mine for my iphone.

~Been thinking about how sometimes it is just better to let go of something you’ve been struggling with. There are times in our lives where the desire for self preservation is stronger than the will to push on in a relationship with someone , as this great article states.

~ I am loving my PDN magazine. The work in this publication is top-notch for fine art imagery. I love sitting with a cup of coffee, 20 minutes to kill and this glossy.

-Crushing on photographer Cig Harvey and her inspiring work. I want her new book in my hot little hands!

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The blonde spell was fun…but back to me again. Sometimes we need our hair to push the envelope to see what truly looks good on us 😉 Thanks to friends who didn’t say anything even when you didn’t like my attempt at Cali Girl. ‘Appreciate you.

Happy weekend, lovelies! I hope you’re drier than we are. Soggy leaves are not good for frolicking!


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  1. Marita says:

    You look great as a blonde too! Glad the girlie is on the mend! Ditto on prayers for NYC and NJ. Have a great weekend!

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