From the Heart of Kimberly Taylor

I have a dear friend who I met in Blog Land. Turns out she was connected to a lot of other dear friends I’ve met along the way. Also turns out we are both deeply inspired by the same book by Jen Hatmaker. I read Seven way back and think I need to read it again because it churns in the heart things that need to be done.












I adore Kimberly and to see her inspired is a work of art. She’s going to an orphanage in Uganda (which her mother has set up) to help and is now in the process of raising funds for these children. I wanted to share the details of the auction she’s having on her blog next week for this cause.

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The auction will go live Monday, June 17th at 8 am PST and will run for five days, concluding at 6 pm PST on Friday June 21st.  It will be hosted on my website:  Each item will have an individual post, with bids being placed in the comment section.  On Friday at 6 pm I will record the last bid and that person will be the winner of that item.  If for some reason the winner isn’t able to purchase the item, the bidder with the next highest bid will have the opportunity to purchase the item.  All funds will be deposited into my paypal account, and then when the funds have cleared, the item will be shipped.  The winner will have two days in which to deposit the money before the second place bidder will have the chance to purchase the item.
Here are some sample items:
* * * * * * *
Thank you for supporting this great cause, Lovelies!
Have a wonderful weekend~

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