Gifts for photographers

Photog lovelies!

You might want to give or receive some of these this year.

1) For those of you snapping away in cold temps…awesome and affordable Microfurs:













2) Love, love, love Tim Walker’s style (and all without Photoshop!) and his new book looks divine:













3) What’s better than an iPhone for snapping? iPhone snapping with Barbie-sized lenses attached! Photojojo (a fave) sells a set that looks uber-cool:









4) Already blogged about this, and I have to mention it again because I am an Instagram slut and it so cool to look at my pics on the back of my iPhone case! Casetagram was easy to navigate. Here’s how mine turned out:













5) When I first saw this product I thought it was a bit random. It’s kinda growing on me. Lens skins are photography silliness…how about this one for a certain dog photographer? Cute.













6) A year subscription to Carbonite would be really great for the scatter-brained photographer (or anyone else who might lose files on their computer). It can singlehandedly save your bacon. I wouldn’t operate without it!




7) For the budding photographer who is launching a business, this reflector pack is a good deal:












8) A year subscription to where you can learn a TON of info about Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, etc, etc. I used it recently to become more proficient at making digital composites. I highly recommend it.









9) I really love Zack Arias for his no nonsense teaching style and his incredible talent. I still go back to his video to freshen up my One light system of shooting:










10) Last, but not least, a good photography class is so great for someone who wanting to understand their DSLR and the art of photography in general. I still have room in my February class and would love to have you join us!












Merry Merrying this week!



p.s. If you’re local, I’m on AM Northwest channel 2 this morning at 9 a.m. today (Monday)

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2 Responses to Gifts for photographers

  1. claudia durnil says:

    would like info regarding photography classes please

  2. larablair says:

    Hi, Claudia!
    I am back to teaching 3rd grade, but might teach one more class this summer. Would you like to be on my list of contacts? It would be at my property in Vancouver.

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