Happiness check-in…see the signs

How’s your happy meter reading these days?

Good, but you’re battling the illnesses going around or you’ve got a project you just need to get through…


…or not-s0-good..you might struggle with relationships with people who don’t seem to “get” you.


OR…you’ve got bliss in your life (as one of my sweet friends told me lately) and you just want to share it with others.


I think I fall somewhere between the first one and last oneThere are moments of bliss~ dates with my girls, having a studio that is finally organized, shooting a concept in the Magic Forest, fun dates with PH where we don’t have to watch the clock.


Those are wonderfully happy moments and I revel in my own gratitude for having them.

I also have my crazy dreams I hold on to, just for fun.

The “Let’s live in Paris for a year” dream…

The “Let’s build a barn and have barn parties” dream…

The “I’m ready to publish the book” dream…

and my personal favorite, the “Let’s live on a tropical island for part of the year”.

Yes, they’re random..no rhyme or reason, but they’re mine….no mattter how silly or preposterous, they sometimes are enough to put in the spark.


As for the day to day…it’s all good…and I even mean the hiccups and valleys..because we all have them and being gentle with yourself when you do have them is a good thing.  Keri Smith’s “100 things” to get out of creative rut is one of my faves..I was reminded of the other day when reading Kelly Rae’s blog. It’s a good list, worth reading over and over.

As far as general happiness goes, I can tell you that being affected by the gray weather (if you have it in your winter wonder land) is a REAL situation and I have successfully solved this issue with my happy light. I can also tell you that Vitamin D is rocking my world. Things just don’t seem so heavy and I am enjoying this new winter attitude 😉

I also am loving creating more than ever before.


My brain is very busy lately with plans, plans and more plans


I am trying so hard, every single day, to have idle time

..could be 10 minutes

..or an hour

..could be alone

..or with the fam.


Case in point: ‘played fetch with a bone with our dogs for 30 minutes and laughed like a maniac as the girls chased them around the kitchen island. I am taking these moments like they are treasures, because I know that looking back they will be seen that way. These are “just be” moments and I’m finding them more and more important as the years pass.

‘Got my iPhone yesterday (seriously like the “Barbie Townhouse Christmas” for me)…and yes, iphones and the like can be serious distractions in one’s quest of “just being”, but sometimes they can be a tool.

…It seems that snapping an image of something in the day that I realized was special…sunset, kid time, my soy latte in the afternoon, etc. could be a good thing. I’m so visual and it helps to have that reference when “just being” is a struggle.

So…lovelies…is there time in your day to just be? Do you have that figurative (or literal) offee break to ponder just how blessed you really are? It’s so hard sometimes when you’ve got the weight on your shoulders, whatever that might be, to just step back and disconnect …even for two minutes. Even if you have to take a chair outside your house and plop it down in the weeds…that moment is worth your two minutes of disconnection.

I hope happiness…maybe even bliss…is finding a home in your life.


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5 Responses to Happiness check-in…see the signs

  1. debi says:

    Thank you. I needed your post today.
    Debi 😉

  2. kolleen says:

    amen to happiness and bless finding a place to rest within.

    thank you for this post and photos.

    cheers to happy.


  3. mikal says:

    I wish my brain would listen when I want to “just be”… nope, it goes on and on and on about all the things that it wants to dream about…. :) but I do appreciate the little moments that I recognize as wonderful!

    Happy weekend to you sweets, hope it’s special and full of those moments!

  4. Simony @ Art & Life says:

    It’s very easy for me finding the “just be” moments in my life.
    I can relax, disconnect and dream about my art in any place, like when I’m driving, or waiting for my kids, waiting room at the doctor’s office, alone in the shower, etc.
    It’s very important to me to listen to my silence.
    Beautiful post!

  5. Love the I’m Possible Sign!

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