Happy End of Summer from my porch

















Oh…and it was a good one, wasn’t it? Over too soon, but the memories this year were plentiful and I am grateful.

A return to my old life this week…Feels GOOD.





















Strangest thing…I went very utilitarian with my classroom this time around. Well, that’s not entirely true. There is a lot of color, which you can probably guess…but I definitely didn’t go with cutesy elementary school themes and lots of bulletin board crafts. I kept it simple (and cheerful!) and it felt right. You see, 13 years ago I gave away all of my teaching stuff. ALL of it. I’ve been starting from scratch (read: bank account drain) and trying to only incorporate the stuff I will actually use on a weekly basis. ‘Same goes for teaching books, which is hard! I wanted all the significant ones in my growing library, but I know how much time I have and it won’t involve a lot of reading about education theory. It will involve more DOING and that (for my students) is a good thing.












Upon starting the school year, I went through the closet with some figurative kitchen tongs. I’m finding it really, really hard to part with some clothing items that I rarely wear. Either they were spendy or my intentions were good…regardless, they need to go! Ask me again in a week if I’ve taken care of it. Negative space in my closet makes me feel calm….more, please. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to go full on Project 333, but the concept sure sounds nice. My friend Kimberly’s line of clothes rock my world. I wear them so much that I had to replace an item this summer. Comfy and chic…the name of the game when you’re crawling on the floor with 3rd graders.

I like the idea of dressing like a little French girl…interesting article about that here.

How goes it with your wardrobe pare-down, Lovelies?


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3 Responses to Happy End of Summer from my porch

  1. Kath says:

    Have a great time in 3rd grade- you look perfect☺youwillbeawesome. ..Lucky lucky students!! Xoxoxo


    You look like the most wonderful 3rd grade teacher in the world and you know what? YOU ARE! Those children are sooooo lucky! Lots of Love coming your way!

  3. pam says:

    Aww – you look just like a student ready and eager for that first day! Too cute! getting rid of stuff – especially clothes – gets easier every week. I go back into my wardrobe and see something and say “You know – that really doesn’t look that great – chuck it!” The Thrift store drop off has become a weekly thing – the hard part is NOT going in! HUgs- pam!

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