Ignite the Heart retreat ~ Cannon Beach















I just want to start out this post by saying how thankful I am that I get to work with this woman. Elida brings out the best in me. I always feel that our message is so closely aligned that we are able to give the double whammy on the “igniting your heart” message. I love this girl-–she makes me laugh and makes me think…and asks the tough questions and allows me to do the same. ¬†How blessed I am to have her in my life.

Journey Church invited us to lead their women’s retreat at Cannon Beach on the coast this past weekend.


It was a typical November blustery weekend on the beach–perfect for holing up and makin’ some art!


We fell in love with the women in this diverse group. They brought open hearts to this experience and we felt totally comfortable sharing our own personal journeys to an ignited heart.






The room looked like a kindergarten classroom with the carpet littered with scraps and tears of paper everywhere. The collages turned out so well!


The theme of the weekend was: Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I act on it?

….all leading to the spark for the ignited heart.

Our next retreat will be in the winter (probably February). If you’re interested in attending, drop me an email: lara@larablairimages.com

Elida’s and my blog together is here.

I hope you gearing up for a fun weekend with food and family, lovelies~




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