Ignite the Heart Weekend…the design sequel

Leah the Fabulous (if she was a superhero this would be her name) has created an architectural form of candy. Pillowy, white, sweet candy that I want to savor for long periods of time. This house is new construction made to look like it’s been there forever. Bead board galore (like floor-to-wall-to-ceiling everywhere), white this/white that, dreamy mosquito netted beds, vintage finds for every little cranny, comfy/smooshy furniture that invites all-day sitting. It’s just a place that I would never leave. We kept asking her that on our weekend adventure (see post below this one for explanation)—-“How do you ever go home from THIS PLACE?”

*                  *                    *


*                *               *

Sir George sets the stage with his casual (white too!) elegance…


*                   *                     *


*                 *                 *

That cow holds meaning for me…when I first met Leah and found out she was the painter of this creature, I knew the fabulousness would be spewing out all over…


*                  *                 *

I own a few of these same chairs…how come I never thought of this?


*                  *                 *

The creative uses of driftwood in this place never seized to amaze…truly a stylist trick…


*                 *                   *


*               *                *

Joe, our resident Barn House boy, ventured out with Leah to move things around. He is GOOD, as we all know, and this room is proof…


*                  *                    *

The light blue floor was a stroke of genius…it really feels like you’ve got clouds and blue sky indoors. Wild.


*                 *              *


*                   *                    *


*                    *                       *

A piece by Leah—you can find more of her stuff here.


*                   *                     *

Yes, those are driftwood hooks…genius! I saw this idea in a Country Living article last month. I just loved it.


*                   *                     *

Fab bedroom Number One.


*                    *                   *

Fab bedroom Number Two…complete with “evening in the Serengetti” netting.


*                   *                     *

I can picture Leah wandering around a flea market (a la Rachel Ashwell) with this incredible mirror on her shoulders. Look at that thing! This potty spot was made for it.


*                   *                     *


*                  *                   *

Yes, that’s a driftwood circular lamp…where does one find such a thing?


*                   *                   *

I was pleased to see that someone else collects round beach rocks.


*                       *                  *

Really, friends…this a place to see in person, but I hope I did it justice. Wow. Wow. Wow.


On my drive home from this Wonder-Weekend, I felt completely at peace with all of the creative happenings in my own life. Probably because I saw it working in women I respect and admire. I felt fortunate and blessed to have had a part in the brainstorming for Leah’s company and incredible clothes. I felt grateful for friendships that I knew would blossom. I felt happy.

Thank you, girls!



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14 Responses to Ignite the Heart Weekend…the design sequel

  1. robin says:

    really you do have the eye for vintage pretties. you ‘saw’ the details as well as the big picture, all of what makes Leah’s home a puffy, fluffy cloud to hang out in. you confirm the idea that confidence plays a huge roll in being a great photographer. I am so glad to know you and learn from you my sweet friend. i love, LOVE it that you got the mirror!! and the entry low down and the fact that the kitchen chairs have old feather pillows for cushions :) jeeze girl you made everything look straight. wait till you see my crooked to the point of being dizzying pictures!
    xo keep teaching me.

  2. Lulu says:

    Aghast, speechless.
    L xo

  3. Just read your energy-gushing blog for the first time. Love it all! I met Ms. Leah over July 4th, along with her beautiful family + George through my dear friend, Michelle Lacy. Lucky me….Leah welcomed me into her Cannon Beach white cloud of magic. Not only her cottage, but her heart. We talked about everything, but she made me feel like I should be crowned, Queen Mother of the Year Forever. Leah has a way of making everyone feel Queen of Something Forever. Never to be forgotten. Can’t wait to keep reading! You are all so obviously talented! Kindly, Mel from Scottsdale.

  4. leah "the fabulous" ha! ha! says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been speechless! I’m thinking I like my new ‘super hero” name and could get used to that :) Do you think you could call me that all the time. :)
    The greatest thing about your comments is that you realise that it’s surrounding yourself with inspirational, beautiful hearted people that bring out the best in you and make you feel like a SUPERHERO. You all make me strive to be the person that you think I am and what a true gift that is!
    Thank you for using your magic and making everything look so beautiful …with love and admiration … Leah xox

  5. Kim says:

    What an incredible, inspiring place my friend. What a wonderful weekend~

  6. Florence says:

    I felt like I was looking at a magazine and I was dreaming, if only I could get that look to my home. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  7. Barn House says:

    Lara…WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! These pictures are incredibly beautiful!! I have seen pictures that Joe took on his last visit, but yours are something else! Thanks so much for sharing. OH and the pictures of all of our beautiful friends from the weekend trip–STUNNING!

  8. That is gorgeous! I am so jealous! Thanks for sharing.

  9. kath says:

    Heavenly….I love the pacific northwest … the people seem to match the natural beauty of the land! Fabulous spirit and energy and decorating (and photography)!!!!!!!!! xo

  10. Debi says:

    Oh. Oh. Oh. OH!!!!! What a fabulous place! Here via Miss Tweets – thank you both!

  11. This house is found in my dreams, oh yes, my dream house, and someone actually lives like this!! :) Incredible, just beautiful. I am so thrilled that you shared this beautiful home, and the gorgeous artwork. The inspiration just flows from your photography. :)


  12. desiree says:

    Love the driftwood and the stones on the table… I will def. cjeck out your other posts.
    all the best

  13. paige says:


  14. sheryl says:

    absolutely love everything….you have inspired me as I was feeling a little blah… :) :) I build furniture and kitchens, now I want to go to the shop lol….

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