Ignite the Heart…Queens for a Day

One of my favorite Curly Girl quotes from her sweet products is:

“We all let people into our lives, but you will find that really good friends let you into your own.”

*  *  *  *  *


A day was set aside for two special people I have been fortunate to call friends.

This joyful hostess with the mostess

…and this beautiful person who brings out the best in all she’s around…

and moi….

got wrapped up in….







In a phrase…it was a brilliant weekend that I didn’t want to end.

I love that this DREAM sign is the first thing you see when entering Tiffany’s fab studio. It’s pink, pink, pink…sparkly and glittery and 100% lovely…just like the Fancy Farm Girl who created it. This woman knows how to make you feel special, complete with ballerina cupcakes, an “open drawer” policy when creating in her space (sharing all of the wonderful doo-dads she’s collected over the years), amazing meals, some horse-rides for my girls the previous day and just an all-around open heart. Who better to share this experience with than Kim, Miss Mimi, an uber-creative soul, also with an open heart,with such great intention in life…..I love that about her…she chooses something she wants to focus on during the year and follows through. Her “BELIEVE” word this year is the perfect, because you can see her coming into herself when hearing her speak about her life. Hearing these girls talk about their chickens and meal-making with their cooking gardens made we want to transform my life into a fancy farm girl one myself…time will tell if they rub off on me.

Strange thing about finding friends through Blogland…well, not entirely through Blogland b/c I met these girls through the serendipitous Boys as well (thank God for the boys!)….anyway, back to the strange (or you could call is FAB) thing…You become connected through interests with blogs….things you value and find important…. that fill you up. Family, creativity, living simply, living fully….living with deep-rooted relationships. I  think it’s true…good friends do “let you into your own life” with an amazing sparkle that you just don’t know what what hit you sometimes. There are dreams and thoughts that come spilling out of you in conversations with these women that you didn’t even know were in there, squashed down to the bottom of your heart. I think it comes down to feeling safe sharing these dreams with like-minded women…women who “get it” and want some of those same dreams in their own lives. I love blogging with a passion for this very reason….

it brings people into your life who need to be there.


This IS a place to DREAM for sure….in PINK!


The Queens working on their gear…the crowns really did turn out well.


Tiffany sent me this one she took…cracks me up! Look at all of that PINK!


Only Tiffany would show up at the door complete with party outfit for the Queen’s Day…a fancy second-hand skirt she got on our hunting trip the day before complete with flowers on her sweater and knickers from Farm Chicks…gotta love this girl!


And of course…the hostess must have party favors…in this case an amazing array of crafty essentials that I had never used before. Such presentation!


Don’t even get me started about how many of these bad boys I could’ve put in my pie-hole…lovely and tasty.


Some images from the wealth of STUFF in her space……..




So what’s a girl weekend without a little shopping? Meet Today’s Country Store…We found one of Tiffany’s haunts to be the perfect place for some eye candy inspiration and had preciously the day before enjoying visiting with the owner, Amy. It is a beautiful spot with so many fun things to look at. I will be back! (I got a straw chapeau for my collection….excited to put it all together!)

This store-front pic is from their blog:

Store remodel will weiner mobile 067


There’s that WORD again………





I’d love to put vintage horse ribbons in Rach’s room, but I think she has a vision that they need to be won by her to be room-worthy :)


Next stop, Tiffany’s beautiful childhood home. What a treat to see this place and the grounds where it sits. Of course, her gracious mum had tea waiting for us and walked us around the property, which was lovely….but we were informed that spring really is the time to see it…so looking forward to visiting again. It is clear that the gracious-hostess-thing runs in the blood of this family….just so thrilled to see the roots of it.



Back to Craft Central and some clucking chicken-gabbing while we finished up the crowns. At this point, I was ready to stay the night and did not want to go retrieve my kids (not petitioning to be Mother-of-the-year here)…there simply was too much to cover and too much to create in that magical room….but voila…I did get my “Fly” crown done with lots of suggestion from Miss T…I was telling the girls that I plan on wearing this sucker to the Post Office on Friday when I mail out my stuff. Just gotta find the right outfit to go with it…I’m thinkin’ petticoat and cowboy boots…okay, not really…but it’s a nice, dangerous thought….the crown is going on, though.


Smiling eyes give me away….


Tiffany sent this to me…I like it (not because you can see my crow’s feet…gasp!!!), but because I look so happy….


This image just about sums it up for me….happy girls wearing home-made crowns in a magical pink room…what a wonderful day of sharing and eating and creating and fun…a PERFECT day for this MPG.

We all agree that it needs to happen again soon….what will we make next I wonder?

A bond that goes beyond the crafts, that’s for sure.


Next post: some horse-n-around in Tiffany’s backyard with the fam and my fam…some Tiffany house bling as well.

Have a great week, LOVELIES!!!


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17 Responses to Ignite the Heart…Queens for a Day

  1. Mikal says:

    What FUN! Love those sparkling happy eyes on all of you!

    I think you’d be adorable in your skirt, boots, and crown… my kind of outfit!

    Have a happy day,


  2. kasey says:

    i just know my invite was lost in the mail!
    but it sure looks like you all had a fabulous time.

  3. Kim says:

    I just knew you would get your post out first! I think my post will just have to be a link to yours… :)
    bisous mon amie!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Oh Lara! I had the most wonderful time with you and Kim thank you so much for all the great conversation, bonding and crafting. It is a day I will remember forever!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  5. Jeanne says:

    What a beautiful post on true friendship! Gorgeous photos and I can’t wait to create with you!!

  6. I’m off to hop in my time machine and join you in spirit! Looks like such a soul-soothing, fantastic day! And you, my dear, look ever so happy and lovely.

  7. paige says:



    i love everything about it…..

  8. Oh that looked like so much fun! Seriously what a fabulous space to create. Wish my studio looked like that…chandelier and all:) Your fly hat was wonderful.

    I just looked at your Etsy store. I am in love with your work. I bought most of my supplies for the soldering and have the book… I just have to get brave now and try it. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  9. Oh my goodness you girls are gorgeous! I want to come play! xxx

  10. anne marie says:

    Lara……..holy cow…….truly………I just know noticed it was you in that photo…….I saw it at Kimberly’s blog, and totally didn’t notice…….
    maybe I need glasses……..

    what a marvelous space to create – and those smiles are awesome!

  11. Donna says:

    WOW! I find great inspiration here. From the beautiful studio to create in, to the happy, smiling faces of three girlies who obviously have great fun together. This is what it’s all about.

  12. Amada Lebel says:

    Such wonderful photos – I am a friend of Tiffany’s and Kims and have experienced lovely Tiffany’s wonderful, creative hospitality first hand. You girls look like you had a wonderful time. I will add you to my favorites, love your blog!

  13. Amy McCoy says:

    Hi Lara!
    Your photos are as lovely as you!
    Fun Fun Fun to meet you and visit with you girls! Love the crowns and the smiles on all your charming faces!

    Thank you for the visit and
    Hope to see you again soon!


  14. robin bird says:

    SO much fun! a trio made for each other. i love the shots of tiffany’s studio. it really does spell magic! i can see you had a fabulous time… and those crowns…i wanna make one of those :)

  15. Kath says:

    sigh…wish i could come play….it looks like a perfect day w/ kindred spirits! xo

  16. gaia says:

    can I come with all of you next time!
    I really envy your crowns , mimos, cupcakes, gifts everything!

  17. gail says:

    May I ask where you got the necklace you have on in these pictures??? love it. take care, Gail

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