It’s a ten.

I have a close friend I adore named Elida.

She came up with a brilliant simplifying plan.















Upon finding herself in the middle of a divorce (the heartache and transition apparently is enough to knock the wind out of you) and a complete downsize into a small 1920’s house, she made a decision about her closet.

All she did was ask herself if the item she had in her hands was a TEN.


If it was a TEN (translation: looked great on her body type and made her feel like rock star), it earned a coveted spot in her tiny closet. If it was any less than a TEN, it got the heave-ho. I loved this idea!










Was I brave enough to do it myself? Even though my pal and I look a lot alike (people ask us if we’re sisters weekly..see above), I assure you she is the Yin to my Yang. ‘Not so sure I’m up for such a drastic wardrobe move (Hello, random yellow shoes I didn’t need but loved wearing this summer), yet I sure enjoyed watching her display the few items that made the cut.

Elida said she felt confident every time she did the mad a.m. grab to get dressed (she’s a last minute girl—again, my opposite in twins-man-ship). She knows each and every outfit will allow her to feel confident and ready to roll…no fuss, no muss.








(photo from one of our many test sessions…the Magic skirt! Ten for sure.)

Rock Star, indeed.

We took a spontaneous artsy-girl photo session road trip last summer (I love that she brings spontaneity to my life…for an arsty person I can be a little anal and schedule oriented).
























Nothing brings out worthwhile discussions like navigating twisty roads and multiple clothing changes in the desert weeds.

The million dollar question we had was: 

What does a TEN  look like in all areas of our lives?







Possessions in general

One thing I really love about paring down (and powering up!) is that I have to ask myself how I would rate something on a scale from one to ten to determine it’s worth in my life. Relationships are definitely tricky to rate and define (another post for another day), but the stuff…it’s just…stuff. Right?  I think it comes down to mindfulness and your own perimeters of what a ten should be (or the changes you can make to it to make it a ten). I feel that I’m becoming more discriminating and in turn perhaps it will get easier to let go…after all,

it really is


letting go.

I’m grateful for friends in my life who take their own transitions and hardships, make metaphorical lemonade out of them and bravely share their wisdom with the rest of us. Bravo, Elida—my rock star friend.

Who shows you the way in this simplifying journey, Lovelies? Any allies to acknowledge?




P.S. (you can see us doing our thing for past retreats here…sad we won’t have them for awhile…new career live budding over here).

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