It’s always good in Bend


No secret I love this part of Oregon…high plains drifter…high desert beauty.


Some long walks in the cold…bike riding to the resort village…runs on the innertube hill…

















…a stack of magazines and books…. this one finished in one day.












It was a self-published first time book that is now going to be a movie—wow! Great vacay read.

Went to my very favorite store in the whole world called Desperado in the Old Mill District.

















It used to be the Pearl District in Portland, but moved to Bend…a better fit, I think, but I miss it terribly!


via Wikipedia.

Picked up a couple of things I’ll be living in….new favorite MPG brands Desigual and dylan. Colorful, sassy and fun..brought to you from my cramped closet :)


I was excited to meet the owners of Cowgirl magazine who were in Desperado shopping at the same time. Twin blonde cuties who had so much style and personality.

















I’m dreaming big and putting together some PR to send them—shooting for them would be a dream.  Hopefully they’ll remember me—the goof in the dressing room swapping dresses back and forth.

Another jaunt took us into downtown Bend (man, I love this town) and stopped into the sweetest spot called Ju-Bee-Lee and chatted with the lovely Kirsten who merchandises the heck out of that place. I was very excited to see that they carried KatieDaisy prints…














I’ve posted her art before. So cool to have Kirsten tell me Katie’s uber-cute studio was upstairs above the shop! Next time hopefully she’ll be there to sign my print. She’s such a talent.  

Fun was had by all…especially the kidlet variety.

The pre-teen photo bombing marathon continues…oh, I yearn for the good photo days!


















* * *

Driving out of Bend is bittersweet for me.

I plan on ending up there…most likely with PH alone after our lovies are out of the nest. Sometimes it hurts my chest to see the high desert in my rearview mirror…knowing I’ll be thinking about it during the rainy months.

Yet..funny thing…I opened the door to the abode when we got home and melted into a happy house…remembering why we are here. ‘Just need to keep that feeling present in




I hope you’re all well and enjoyed your holiday. Happy short week, Lovelies!


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2 Responses to It’s always good in Bend

  1. Pam says:

    I hope you bought that cream dress – you look fab in it! We really are connected in some weird way…I have seen Katie-Daisy’s work all over and finally figured out it was her when I hit a Pin from her on Pinterest. I spent quite a while yesterday browsing her work – seeing things I have loved and already pinned myself on Ptrst and Tumbler. I decided to ask for my fav. for my birthday. Glad to see so much SUN in your pics for you too!

  2. jill says:

    Hi Lara, I am glad you got to visit my town Lara… until you move here, come follow I LOVE BEND OR on facebook! Let me know when you are here next! We met years ago at a workshop in PDX.

    Happy Spring.

    Jill Rosell

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