It’s not easy being green

The last time I blogged about this (buried in the middle of this post), I was a juicing neophyte.

Soon after,  one of my dang wagon wheels got stuck on something…and there I was…

lying face down on the grass…right where my regular diet “flang me”.

For a month last summer I drank only green juice until noon every day and I felt a-ma-zing. I was really clear in my head (like, “hey, maybe I don’t need coffee-clear”) and comfortable wearing clothing that exposed the ‘ole midsection (the muffin top responds to a clean diet pretty quickly). I had also gotten used to it and was on the road to habit, when I got tripped up by school starting and a totally different schedule.


So…I jump started myself again by watching the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on a recommendation from my hair stylist who is near 50, but looks 35.

Yes, I’ll have what she’s having, please.

This movie spoke to me. It actually spoke to my kids too, who watched it with me. I’ve been out and about in public a lot lately with the fam…traveling/water parks/restaurants with troughs/etc. and I’m saddened by what is happening to our country. I consider myself to be a very healthy eater in general, but there are times when I feel like a blowfish…just another face  in the the crowd looking for a carb/sugar/caffeine fix that is fat free or low in salt…yeah, right.

Any-hoo…I dug and did more research and watched this video with Cherie Calbom, the “juicing lady”.  The doctor she was being interviewed by said something and I had to turn off the treadmill and watch it a couple of times:

“Pretty much most cancers can be prevented by eating this kind of diet and getting proper vitamin D”.

Now..I’m not a card carrying member of the medical community (and I realize that his was a very bold, general statement),  but I do know how eating well  (juicing, in particular) makes me feel….really, really fantastic. Deep greens, chlorophyll, calcium…etc, etc….all fresh from the ground without humans screwing it up. This appeals greatly to me.

Just got this book  (already have this book and love it) and will begin s-l-o-w-l-y…I have found that diving in with militant intent does not serve me well. I will continue the green juice-until-noon deal for a month and re-evaluate how I feel and how difficult it was. Then (drumroll, please) I’m thinking about doing a cleanse and giving up coffee completely…yikes..that scares me a lot.

Anyone wanna give the morning juice thing a go with me? ( a nice little bonus is that the tropical travel ahead will be a nice motivator, as well!).

Happy week, lovelies!


(new post at The Ignited Heart about Elida’s buddy, Donald Miller…big time stuff for him–hoo-boy!)

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7 Responses to It’s not easy being green

  1. Jenn taylor says:

    Forks over Knives should be your next
    Documentary! It’s so eye opening and amazing.

  2. Rebecca Richardson says:

    I want to juice with you. I started juicing last December right after Christmas { I too had purchased and watched the DVD “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”} and was so motivated even tho’ I’m not very overweight nor have diabetes. But in January I caught a bad cold and got off track on my juicing and went back to my old habits of coffee, sugar and starch.

    I’ve attempted to re-start juicing but haven’t been very disciplined as the buying/ storing and making juice is sometime daunting as is always cleaning the juicer in the morning when I’m the busiest. Plus Jan / Feb was such a hectic cat TNR months for me.

    So yes! Count me in !!!! I have a great juicer [ and blender] and need to get back to juicing.

  3. You’ve inspired my to start making green smoothies again, and to do more research into this. I do most of my heavy exercising in the morning, so if I could sneak a good dose of protien somehow into the green smoothie, it might work. My eyes are open, and looking into it. Great idea!

  4. Frances Balistrieri says:

    Loved this movie. Also love Kris Carr (Crazy, Sexy Cancer) who is fighting against her uncurable stage 4 cancer with juicing. She just released an ebook solely on juicing. It’s been a huge help. I have just started having one juice a day, moving on to your effort of juicing til noon. I’m always paralyzed by schedule changes and just overall mental blocks. BUT I NEED THIS!!! I don’t want to look older than I am and I certainly can’t stand the giant bouncehouse I’m sporting as a midsection. I’m fully behind it just need to take the action to show that I am :)

  5. Jermonne says:

    Hey Lara! Joe and I watched the same documentary and recently started on our path of juicing. We even bought a Vitamix and have been enjoying green drinks almost daily. I would love to join your challenge!!

  6. jeanne says:

    I gave up coffee about a month ago. I feel so much better…and you know how much I loved my coffee. That is absolutely true about the cancer. Everyday we have cancer cells in our body. It is either able to fight them off or not. A diet that is highly acidic (most American diets) can not fight off cancer as well. A diet that is high in Alkaline actually kills cancer cells. Pretty incredible. I am pretty amazed at the crazy colored stuff my kids will drink. I haven’t seen that documentary but I will look for it. Love you.

  7. Amy McGeachy says:

    I echo what Jenn said, Forks Over Knives is a life changing movie too. I’m anxious to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. You’ve peaked my curiosity Lara!

    PS If you give up coffee does that mean you can replace it with tea? If so, I highly recommend either Strand Tea (lose leaf and you can order it online) or Steve Smith (can be purchased at New Seasons). Mmmm….mmmmm….good!

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