Kiss kiss!


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Love passionate statues. How in the world do you create a grabbing stance with marble? I’ve always loved Michael Angelo’s quote about creating sculptures is just about the figure already being there, one just has to chip away to let it out. Fabulous.

A word about kissing….there is never enough. ‘Loved it when I was an anxious, sweaty-palmed teen on my doorstep at curfew and love it now that I’m a 38 yr-old mother of two active kids with a  vida loca. It’s one of life’s great gifts! PH and I used to take funny self-portraits of ourselves locked in an embrace when we were dating—those photo opps don’t come as often now, but we did have a nice moment last summer on Whidbey Island–I keep this in my planner and look at it when I’m mad at him..a rare occurrence, fortunately.  😉


I think many define passionate kisses as this kind of thing when we’re young…but as I grow older it seems to be more the image after it.


Via Flickr.


Via Flickr.

My obsession with Mac Russian red lipstick is an interesting obstacle when I’m trolling for kisses…not exactly easy to get off the skin, or clothes, for that matter! It is, however, a useful tool for writing love notes on a mirror…a nice surprise when you’re blurry-eyed and wandering into the loo to wash the sleep from your face.



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Below is a sweet list by Rachel Foster (via Cup of Jo) listing all the places so fun to kiss….


Happy Sunday to you, my MPG pals…solicit some x’s as well as the o’s today from those you love. Time well-spent.



Via Flickr.

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8 Responses to Kiss kiss!

  1. Pati Hinkel says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Lara.
    And thank you for letting us take a peak
    Into your world as
    lover of LIFE!

  2. robin says:

    so nice to meet you in person and then a real delight to come here and see you at home in your prairie girl world :)

  3. robin says:

    P.S. irene suchocki is one of my very favoritest photographers :) i have a necklace with one of her photographs and wear it every day.

  4. Lulu says:

    Special MPG kisses (and hugs) to you today, Lara.
    Us, ‘Euros’ usually kiss, more than hug as a greating or farewell. I was explaining that to someone, just the other day, funny.
    Can’t help but love Le Metro kissing photo, that ROCKS.
    Any great Barn House finds?

  5. Kath says:

    xxxx one for you, dave, katie, rache and a slurp for daisy! Hope your mother’s day was fabulous!!! and a big O to all! Love the nutty nuttalls………

  6. larablair says:

    OMG—you have to come with me next sale at BH—amazing stuff!!!! Got some pillows and some garden stuff.
    Subway kissing is the best, isn’t it? Didn’t get to do much in NYC, but there’s always another trip. 😉

  7. larablair says:

    Sooo great to meet you, my friend. I look forward to having a “walk about” with you. Your stuff is fab times 10. Love it.

  8. Maria says:

    Subway for sure! Hope the day was swell!

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