Last minute getaway

It was the lighest packing job of the century.

Running shoes, a change of clothes, a toothbrush and a book.

Last week an impromptu decision to flee to the beach had been made. I was more than ready to escape on our only soccer game-free weekend of the season. A free two days! Without packing sports gear! Without stepping over laundry mountain peaks on the cluttered terrain of our house!


As I sit here, toes nestled in warm sand, I take in the creative masterpiece sitting in front of me. It’s tradition for PH and my youngest to top the last sandcastle compound they made on the this beach. The little details PH brings to the table remind me of the many reasons why I love him. Mosaic castle floors (tiny flat rocks) and tree-lined tunnels (stray leaves sticking in the ground)…each a symbol of the depth of his affection for his girls. He is always game to let go of an intended beach nap to be the sand castle sidekick. He has shown his cards too many times that he’s got game in the art of sandle-castle-man-ship. Not to mention his track record of dropping the practical to engage in the personal. He is a great dad and these beach jaunts never fail to remind me of that.

* * *

I almost had an agenda as I headed back towards the ocean.

On my run (which always churns up the idea machine), I came dangerously close to crafting a detailed to-do list. Luckily, I felt the tap on my shoulder that this just wasn’t the time or place. There is no Here and Now like there is in this sand…watching the waves…delighting in my kids, who dodge the frigid water with squeals and splashing. Is it the “swooshing” sound, a constant white noise, that hypnotizes even the most distracted mind? I guess I don’t really have to identify what it is as long as I embrace it with abandon. Without worry…without planning…

It has to be a concious decision, this grand escape—the gift days where my watch rests in the bottom of my suitcase. There are never enough, these beach getaways, but I have to remind myself that I can’t dwell on that either. Not today.

It will always be here waiting.

* * *

Lots of stories to tell when I return to the blogosphere after an adventure, ya’ll…hope your weekend was wonderful and you are hunkering down for the season. I can smell it in the air, can’t you?


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3 Responses to Last minute getaway

  1. Dad says:

    What was the name of that bed & breakfast again?

  2. Beth West says:

    Oh yes, I can feel it in the air. 41 degrees here in Maine this a.m. Hope you and yours have a perfect time at the beach!

  3. serena says:


    good for you for taking the time to slow down and just be. love it! And holy cow, has this weather been amazing. soaking it up and getting ready for what’s to come.


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