Letting go of Facebook ~ update











I haven’t missed it.

That’s the short version.

Of course, I haven’t completely deleted my account. ‘Not sure that I will. I will admit that that a couple of people mentioned they sent me a message and I went to see what they said. Even when I did this it felt a bit unnatural…and a rebellion against my own rules I had set with the best of intentions.

I like the time I’ve gotten back.

I never was a FB maniac who parked there for hours on end looking at all of the exciting things I wasn’t doing, but I definitely checked in a couple of times a day. It feels productive to not have it on my radar at all. Deleting it on my phone was key.

There was the one time this past summer when a dear friend of ours had a bicycle accident and we didn’t know about it because it was a FB post that I missed. I felt horrible when I called them quite a bit after the fact and said, “What the heck happened? Is he going to be okay?” Luckily he was and at this point all is well, but I felt pretty lame for not visiting and offering help the day that it happened. My family and I live far out in the sticks and can seemingly cut ourselves off from the world. I guess we like “entering the world” on our own terms. It is a sanctuary we deliberately created after we moved back from New York years ago. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but it can produce a delayed reaction when it comes to events (particularly when I’m giving up the mighty town crier, Facebook).

It does seem that most people post primarily the “Yay for me!” stuff on their profile. I’ll be honest…I  did it too. We want to show the best that is happening, appear positive and also give off a vibe that we are indeed living the life we had imagined for ourselves and our families. Yet the emptiness that started to surface for me as I scrolled through the adventures (along with random pictures of dinner plates and lounging clothed angry cats–this coming from a dog photographer! Ha!), and I realized that I felt silly posting my own daily thoughts….”Rain again?” “Found some yellow shoes today!” “Best way to get rid of fruit flies?”

My life called for me to show up without distraction.

I was entering a new (old) career and was sure the balancing act of work/family would be a trying experience (it is). I had a deep desire to turn my back on the technology-driven part of my existence (I am…in stages). I also craved a life completely free of comparison and self-doubt (this being the most exciting part of this experiment). I’m no longer comparing my daily grind with anyone else’s figurative Australian adventure.

My daily grind is quite lovely, thank you.

I needed to validate the journey for every single stage that was taking place. Exotic travel and the trials of teaching my kids how to do their own laundry (pink hued underwear, anyone?) included. I’m seeing the unfolding happening with my own glasses, rose-tinted or not, and not having these events stock-piled next to the events of  the masses is a very good thing. Really good…and I’m thankful for this surprising revelation.

As for Instagram…I still enjoy it. I’m a visual girl–what can I say? Lately it’s been a shot here and there. I really like seeing my 365 at the end of the year. I capture what I notice and what I notice is life in artful images. It’s a treat and for now, I don’t feel the comparison thing at all. In fact, I enjoy seeing through the eyes of my friends who I follow. I miss them and it makes me feel that much closer.

Is Facebook an unnecessary time-suck for you or do you really enjoy it without complaint? I’m interested.

* * *

I’ve had an epiphany of sorts about

callings and passions.

I need to bang it out on the keyboard when I have two seconds to put two thoughts together. I think it’s relevant for what many of us are striving toward—we want to fill creatively fulfilled and rest in the fact that we are making a difference. Callings and passions (and choosing one over the other) play a HUGE part and I think I finally figured it out what this means in my own life. Stay tuned.

Happy fall to you, my Lovelies~



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9 Responses to Letting go of Facebook ~ update

  1. Barbara Hill says:

    I still love my facebook! Sometimes it IS a time waster and I have to reel myself in, but overall I enjoy the interaction. Especially because I’m an introvert:) I try not to post the same thing all the time. My “friends” know my joy, my sorrow, my irritation and my quirky funny side. Life isn’t all roses and it’s nice to have a place to share the hard times as well and receive support. It’s amazing how often I see someone out in the real world who doesn’t really participate on my page all that much, but they gush over how much they enjoy my posts and funny original quips…maybe those people are introverts too! I think every person has to decide for themselves what they are getting out of such a venture and if it’s worth it. For me, it still is. Great blog post, Lara:) It’s always worthwhile to reflect on our choices & determine if they still serve us.

  2. Cat Geiger says:

    Hi Lara….I enjoy it for the most part. Very helpful with advertising our show, so that’s a plus. Also a great way to keep in touch with my cousins out of state and my sis in Canada. But yes, it does have a tendancy to suck you in…lol. So happy for you and your teaching, those are some lucky kiddos! All is well here in West Texas, gearing up for another show and have become an Iphone photographer..lol. Love and miss you!

  3. kimberly says:

    I love this post- mostly because right now I feel like I have retreated into my bubble a bit socially. I find that there are times when my focus turns inward, and toward my family and personal projects. Those times don’t leave a lot left for social endeavors, which I feel bad for. However, my family gets so much more of me and that makes my day to day life really quite lovely- which is the goal, no? I am so happy to hear you sounding fulfilled in your new path and I love seeing your instagram to feel that you aren’t really so very far away…
    Love to you friend,

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  5. Paula says:

    With winter approaching it is easy to get sucked into Facebook or internet activities. Thanks for posting this as I need to keep it forefront in my mind. I have recently quit my job to take a year off to do some home projects, and I don’t want to spend it all on social networking

  6. larablair says:

    I totally agree—winter is such a holing-up time! How exciting your working on your own projects and can completely focus. Good luck!

  7. larablair says:

    I so wish I could handle FB :) With me, it’s all or nothing. KNOW THYSELF? Right?! Sounds like you do and that, my friend, is the best place to be. You’ve had a lot of transition lately and stood up and taken on what comes with grace and style. My hat’s off to you, Barbara! Lara

  8. larablair says:

    I want to hear about your trip (in person!!). I’m so excited for you and the awareness of the world that is coming from your adventures. I am in a GOOD place and so happy to have friends like you to remind me of how I got here. oxoxox L

  9. larablair says:

    Miss my Texas gals :( I’m having a blast with my class, but thinking of you guys makes me miss my old life. You all were such a highlight! oxoxoxo L

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