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Here’s hoping you had a fabulous V Day.

I received a Justin Bieber card that sings about my love wanting to join me in some fondue….oh, how do I love my silly husband.

* *  *

I have a little list of things that I’ve been loving on this week…thought I would share for your long weekend…perhaps you’ll have a moment to share in the love as well.

~Found this video from the fabulous guys at Soul Pancake…same guys who created Kid  President. Have you seen it? My kids intro’d me to it and it’s really sweet and funny.

~This video will cause you to have such gratitude for you health and family. The true meaning of in sickness and in health. Grab your tissue.

~Love this tiny cupid in a beautiful photograph.

~My current favorite digital composite to date.

~Lovely dress for an evening of romance.

~Sweet spaces to hide away with your loved ones.

~I switched from lipstick to this product, which is really terrific…no more lipstick on the teeth or remnants on my sandwich.

~I’m more of a glossy-in-hand type of girl, but  Adore.…the Australians do it again.

Happy weekend, Lovelies~




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2 Responses to List of Lovely finds

  1. Holly says:

    lOve these! REally touched by the videos! H.

  2. Pam J says:

    Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful things. When will you be having your next retreats? I’d love to come and share with you.

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