Living in the Margins

 Fall is so beautiful and in the past I have failed to really sit quietly in the season.

Nothing changes your perspective like forced downtime…..into a land where soccer schedules and obligatory events do not rule anymore. With my youngest’s broken leg we are doing a lot more hanging out (while we wait for her sister to be done with her sports schedule), tea drinking and reading. I would also like to personally thank the entire of cast of Frasier for keeping us entertained while we were house-bound. It seems we watched every single syndicated episode as a family, laughing ourselves silly. It was a total random thing, but I will think back on all of this mess and smile at those afternoons in particular spent pig piled on the couch.

Early morning time that used to belong to me alone has become a ritual of helping my gimpy girl do all her morning jobs…including a very interesting trash bag event that is the shower experience for a cast-clad individual. Water, water everywhere! I have to say that having her allow me to brush her hair and help with outfit ensembles has been a treat, even under these circumstances. Trials sometimes allow us to get closer to our kids because they lean so heavily. Soon we will be back in the harried, wild roller coaster that is our family calendar—will I allow the groove to suck us in?

I’m hoping to remember to find the margins. Margins allow us time to be grateful for gratitude’s sake. Margins speak volumes about what you hold the closest to your heart…it shows what you’re willing to give up for a bit of sanity.

Sometimes at stop lights I see other moms with a gaggle of kids and fast food bags & iPods being tossed about the car. I give her the club-sharing nod that simply says, “Hang in there…tonight you will have five minutes to yourself.”

I’m not sure we’ve become who we wanted to be when we daydreamed about parenthood.

Why does it feel so packed without  presence of mind? I guess it’s a conscious choice.

What about you?

Do you live with margins or do you yearn for a break in the madness?

Happy weekend, lovelies~


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