Local faces behind Barnhouse Flea

Some more (belated) images of Barn House Flea…I see a pattern with what I’m drawn to with my camera as I roam the booths at barn sales. Funny how I don’t see it until I download..


Thought it would be fun to show some faces of our local flea market vendors (who also show around town at antique shops and other shows)—we love them all!

Sweet smiley-faced Debbie (Laurie too :) ) from Worthy Goods~

Joann and her pal from Camas Antiques~

Lisa and Isabel–our girls from A Thing for Roses and Maison Douce~

Our Tarte-girl, Cindy–who, btw, is hosting something that sounds fabulous called “Artsy Tartesy”

here with some Worthy Goods…

Sylvi (and Layla, the sweetest blond this side of Texas) from Little Cottage~

Duchess gals…

One lovely from Kindred Roses

Auntie Joy and her joy-filling booth…

Camera-shy Natalie from Sparrow

Calamity Jane had a very cool booth…no one was ready for their close-up 😉

Of course, our BOYS never disappoint…I got the sale of the day (in my opinion, anyway) of a rustic white farm table that is road-trippin’ over to my kitchen. Can’t wait to play “dining room” with my new chairs! I’ll show it when it’s all done and purdy.

Again, it was a perfect day and I was blessed to be there. Just wonderful…so long to wait for next year.

I hope your week starts out well today, Lovelies~


p.s. some serious happenings going on in the new art studio  at work…was flinging paint and moving stuff this weekend. I am one motivated cookie..can’t wait to begin to work on the pieces I’ve been dreaming about…also can’t wait to share them with my MPG pals.

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12 Responses to Local faces behind Barnhouse Flea

  1. Sylvi says:

    Hey Lara,
    Well, thank you so much for fun pictures.
    I never took a good shot of my typewriter, before it sold. Txs to you, I now have one for my scrapbook!
    I sort of have a dream of having you take pictures of my 3 grand babies, dressed in all white. Also bringing in Emily’s white fluffy kitten & Turbo, the pug :o)
    Hopefully you’ll have a good week too ;o)

  2. jeanne says:

    First of all…I can not wait to see what you are working on in your studio. Secondly, that photo of the little girl is just gorgeous…gorgeous!!!!

  3. kim says:

    Ok, if I wasn’t convinced that I have to go next year, I am now!!!

    I’m in love with the sweet ruffled bag that two of the ladies (Cindy was one) were wearing – any idea where they came from?

  4. Joy says:

    Your pictures are so beautiful that they bring tears to my eyes! I’m certain I have never seen such cute little blonde haired babies!!

  5. Mikal says:

    ugh… I was managing my heartache for missing this… until now! :)

    Beautiful photos as always… it’s probably a good thing I missed it. There were many items that would have broke the bank!

    Happy day to you,


  6. Love your pictures, I am glad I stopped by. One day I want to see this in person…thanks for sharing…

  7. I love your red polka dot background! Followed you over from Barn house site. Great pictures. Sorry I missed such a fun event.

  8. cityfarmer says:

    this is just too w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.

    I want one of everything

    nice to meet you via mason D

  9. The Boys says:

    Hey Lara! As usual, your pictures are incredible!!! I have so many great memories of that day. So glad to have had you with us…especially as a stunning model for the new Belle Blanc clothing line.

  10. Lara,
    You’ve captured such beautiful images, I love coming to your blog over and over again!
    Blessings~~ Lisa 😉

  11. I had a blast with you! The only bad part is it ended!!
    miss you!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  12. LLH Designs says:

    Beau-TI-ful!!! I just bought a new camera and have had such fun seeing the world through it. Crazy that I came home with photos instrad of antiques at a recent fair in Maine!

    Your images are fabulous!


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