Loving where you are


So, I guess this is a follow-up post to Friday’s where I was waxing poetic about my would-be tropical lifestyle.

Leave it to PH to show me all of the wonderous beauty of the Northwest in one afternoon of toodling on the motorbike. Toodling (too-dull-ing) is a word we coined way back before we were married. It means going where the wind blows and exploring new places right in our own backyard via bicycle, motorbike or on foot. We did tons of toodling when we were house-hunting years ago and we still are house/neighborhood gawkers just because it’s fun to see how other people live.

In a rare Saturday-without-kids  (they were at snow camp with their youth group), my motorcycle hero mapped out a route to take me on a tour just an hour and some from our home. It helped that the February day was sunny & 50-ish degrees…such a rare thing in NW winters. I was the Stay-Puff guy with about 10 layers on (so hard to hoist your leg over a bike when you’ve got on jeans, tights, leggings and long underwear!).

Our first stop was Multnomah Falls, the most famous of the numerous waterfalls that line the gorge on the Oregon side. If you’re a tourist, it’s a must….and if you live here, it’s a must at least once a year. Such greenery…such natural beauty. I’d forgotten.

We crossed the Bridge of the Gods and headed back on the Washington side.










We wound our way to Skamania Lodge, a hotel that takes advantage of its location like no other. In the middle of the Gorge with nothing around it, stands a Gorge-ous (heehee) piece of architecture with huge windows on all sides to showcase the view.










We love sitting in the lobby in rocking chairs in front of the roaring fire…cuppa Joe in hand, of course..and apples too. It’s fun to watch all of the families bustling around the lobby heading out for golf or hiking. I think if I wrote novels, I would sit in the lobby and work at least once a week. Really a stunner place.









Looks like a movie set, doesn’t it? I wanted to get this shot, but I was behind PH going 65 mph. This awesome image is via Wallpapers5 .

I’m glad to have a spouse who finds a way to remind me of what’s in my own backyard…what we’re blessed with. He is a constant source of ideas for taking advantage of the natural beauty and mild climate of this place we live. I will keep my tropical fantasies for sure, but I also will revel in this spot where I stand right now…it’s obviously where I’m supposed to be.

Hope your weekend was lovely, lovelies!


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2 Responses to Loving where you are

  1. Elaine says:

    i think every area we are in has it’s own beauty. i love in the northeast and love it but am taking a quick break to florida soon to see my dad! yay for warm weather and ocean beauty!!!

  2. Kath says:

    Embrace the mild climate it’s darned freezing out east!! Counting down the days til we can see more green and kess white and brown!! Love the visuals! Xox

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