Marfa, Texas Adventure


Always wanted to go there.

It’s a wild mix of small town Texas and artsy fartsy New York high brow. Hard to wrap your brain around, but super interesting to experience.

Luckily my pal Cecilia is always game for an Adventure…especially the Texas kind that involves some insane photo styling.

Andrea, owner of The Rusty Rose apparel, rocked the Texan Model look…she is lovely in every way. Cecilia couldn’t have asked a finer person to go on this trip with us.



Yup…that’s Texas Street.


El Cosmico is a mystical place…especially if you’re obsessed with vintage trailers.



Best food in West Texas…


If I could live in one of these, I totally would.


Some very excited bikers that pretty much requested to be part of the photo opp. Their wives (good sports, btw) watched while we put this together.



* * * *

Before we left for Marfa, we had a little shoot at The Yeager’s ranch~






We stayed at this little 100 year old ranch out in the middle of no where (I mean really out there)—it was beautiful, authentic West Texas with the dearest of hearts running the bed and breakfast there. I saw my first wild hogs roaming around! It was a little Javelina family, which I thought was cute and then the ladies told me about destruction they’re capable of. They must laugh at this Northwestern Girl’s lack of knowledge—I kept calling them havenero, which of course is a spice…so…they’re spicy pigs! Ha!

This Marfa pit stop was a necessary side jaunt pre-retreat…I love my Cecilia for organizing absolutely everything. I just hopped off the plane and into her hands–it was perfect in every way (even the almost running-out-of-gas part 40 miles from the nearest station…ask Cecilia about that one).

Excited to share some very dreamy images next week that were taken at the retreat on the Windmill Ranch.

As usual, I fall in love with West Texas all over again.

* * *







Petticoats on the Prairie has their big event this weekend–a must see vintage market in West Texas. It will knock your socks off. All the deets are here.

* * *

Update on my girl–The cast is really large and uncomfortable and the nights are the hardest, but she is a trooper and a half. I am in awe of her grit. I so appreciate your prayers…it’s been a trying time and I just want a magic wand to make it better.


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    Incredible images, as always. And what does E really stand for?!

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