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Beautiful art by KatieDaisy

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I know we’re not supposed to wish for the greener grass…or whiter sand, for that matter.

Yet, I also know that it’s currently 42 degrees outside my window and there appears to be 20 inches of rain soaking in my own grass.


















Welcome to my own Tropical Inner Fantasy Land where I live on an island with sun streaming through my windows and the only shoes scattered on the utility room floor are of the flip flop variety.

At the present time, my NW winter coping mechanisms involve:

-one happy light

-one dropper full of Vitamin D

-several Hawaiian stations on Big Mac

-half of a bottle of coconut lotion from the Grand Wailuea Hotel

one box of sand with shells under my desk at work…only to be used at the height of S.A.D. emergency

-two stacks of Coastal Living  glossy next to my favorite reading chair

-said flip flop laden floor

-pineapple from Costco (the very same pineapple we buy when we go to the Maui Costco)

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photo by Elana Kalis

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I have my Island Girl Heroes.

I find it strangely comforting to read about their coastal lives during the winter months.

India Hicks















Via Tory














…British aristocrat (she was a flower girl in Lady Di’s wedding), model, jewelry designer, entrepreneur (daughter of one of Britain’s most famous interior designers), …phew–What a wrap sheet! Those things are lovely and all…but it’s the life she’s living with her family now in the Bahamas that makes me audibly sigh.



The house…oh, the house…aaahhhh…ever seen anything more beautiful?
























via HabituallyChic

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My other Island Girl Crush is Seleta of SimplySeleta  fame.










She doesn’t live on an island, but it’s definitely beach life her family enjoys. Hers was the very first blog I ever read six years ago and I’m a faithful reader to this day. Such a lovely family living the dream in an adorable coastal Florida town.


An awesome beach inspired bazaar close to her house (image by Seleta):


It’s a sweet planned community—Seaside, Florida..goodness! The sand is my favorite. They filmed “The Truman Show” there so many years ago.


















I do have to say that I’m a West coast girl through and through when it comes to tropical weather…I’ll take those trade winds over the humidity any day. Also, I’m a addict for Hawaii-anything…food, people, culture, dance (totally taking the hulu!) and the beaches themselves.




The little town of Hanalei is one of my favorites. Tucked away on Kauai, it’s a gem and a half.





























via Flickr.

Some day…some day…I’m working on my Hawaii Dream Wall at the studio. It’s in my framing room where I can take it all in as I work on my portraits. I’m allowing myself to dream out loud and drown out any thoughts that I’ve lost my mind.

Until then…there’s always Pinterest Crack…my own personal supply is here.

Happy weekend to you, sweet Lovelies! I hope you are staying dry and warm.


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  1. Holly says:

    We have salt air in our hair! Just bring your wet weather gear! You are welcome anytime! LV, Holly

  2. Pam says:

    Pinterest Crack – you make me laugh! I start getting all wishy for the beach about mid-febraury…they have all the resort wear out – which makes it worse…Coconut anything makes me feel so at home. The Organix line (shampoo,etc.) you can get at Target has Coconut Milk everything, it is the best! Doesn’t smell fake. Love the conditioner…Oh, you’re making me ache for my little island here a bit now! Stay strong and keep that light going!

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