Modern Prairie Girl art studio









This is my happy place.

I haven’t been in a here a ton lately due to all of the craziness that is fall along with my broken-bone-sweetie mess.


























I think it’s because this room is all about creating for the sake of creating. There isn’t a hustle involved with selling myself and my business. It’s just a happy in a paint jar.





















These fab barn doors came from my pal, Elida. I love these doors! PH says “they come with the house” when we well the studio years from now…apparently, he’s not movin’ ’em again.




















































































I used to solder these little charms all the time…it’s gotten away from me. I love this little tree I found to display them.






































This week I will try to have some down time in this wonderful little space…it waits so patiently for me to show up.

Happy week, lovelies—and to my pals on the East Coast: hang in there and know that I’m sending up prayers every day.


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4 Responses to Modern Prairie Girl art studio

  1. Pam says:

    Love the cabinet with all the tiny cubbies! I’m sitting at my table thinking the same thing. Need to spend a little time with my paints today! Storm over , kid back at school, time for a bit of ME! Glad your daughter is doing better!

  2. kolleen says:

    beautiful, beautiful space my friend.


  3. Laineydid says:

    I love the little charms on the tree. Would you consider doing an online tutorial or class on how to make them? :)

  4. Debbie says:

    LOVE those barn doors! Great space to play and dream.

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