Modern Prairie Girl at Barn House Flea

It was a gorgeous day.

A gorgeous day for visiting with some of the best in the vintage world…friends who I always look forward to seeing…and new faces that made the day special for me, as a first-time vendor.

Because ma mere’ and I were headless Barn House chickens racing to set up, I didn’t capture everyone I wanted to, but I will post pics throughout the week of the event as a whole.

It was a great one, lovelies!

With the addition of live music and a beer/wine garden, (and more ample parking), this year’s BH Flea had a brilliant flow and I was happy to be on the other side of it for a new adventure.

Le booth…

Some of the faces I’m so happy to see…

Worthy Goods~



The Old School House~

A Thing For Roses~

Maison Douce~

Auntie Joy~

Chocolate Spider~

Kindred Roses~


Kristin from Faded Prairie came out to the sale, much to my delight. She is as lovely as you would imagine…as I work my way through these images this week, I have some fab ones of her, her cowboy hub and the incredible booth.

Here’s a sneak-peak…

It was such a run-around day, I didn’t capture a nice shot of les boys…although I have quite the library of BH Boy images in the past! They out-did themselves this year…it was fabulous.

Thanks to all who stopped by the booth to chat. It was so great to see you all on this maiden vintage voyage….I will be posting some BH inspired  items on Etsy this week..stay tuned!


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8 Responses to Modern Prairie Girl at Barn House Flea

  1. Lara it was great to see you and your debut, your talent is impeccable, Your smile infectious. You are truly a gift to us all. Hugs! Florence

  2. Pamela says:

    Glad you had such a wonderful time and hopefully sold a lot! I notice one big thing that sets you apart is your use of color. Lots of beautiful booths, but yours pops! Congrats!

  3. michaelpanda says:

    Back when I lived in the states I used to live in the midwest… seeing all these photos made me misty eyed and nostalgic!!

    Beautiful photos and I love the darker tone of your photos – makes me think of wet grass, cloudy skies and the smell of flea markets and county fairs haha :)

    (oh and I came via Jessica’s blog, in case you were wondering)

  4. Howdy! How is it that I have not come across your blog before tonight?? Love it! I think you had me at your blog header. :)
    I look forward to shopping your Etsy store soon!

  5. liz says:

    Loved what you did with your booth . . . love your post on the day . . . but most of all I absolutely LOVED spending a bit of time with you!!! Each year at Barn House we seem to have a conversation on something more real than just vintage goods – and I just want you to know that It means soooo much to me!! :) :) xoxo

  6. I make those Prairie Bags too, but I call them Rag Bags, ’cause they’re not perfect…lol…just as we’re not perfect in God’s eyes, but he loves us anyway.
    Stop by for a visit at Mel’s Cabin Designs 1952 for more exciting adventures of cabin life and sewing….

  7. It was such an amazing sale! I love your wonderful booth styling!

  8. deana says:

    Lara, It sounds like you had a lovely turn time. I am so glad the weather was nice for “Ya All” and I hope you all had a great time selling your special treasures. I wish we could have made it. Maybe next year. I did see the BIG sign passing through a couple of weeks ago that read >Camas!! I wanted to turn really bad…..One of these days I will make it up there and I am still on the hunt for a pink mixer because I now have broke the handle on my white one :(!
    I am so glad you are having such a great Summer!

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