Modern Prairie Girl Fall Happenings

There are some things I’ve been working on that I’m very excited about. A class and a retreat fill my thoughts—I’m asking myself what I can bring to the attendees that they’ve never experienced before. I wanted to share these event dates with you, whether you live in the Northwest or in a far away land.

So…here’s the recap of the MPG events comin’ up, Lovelies!








A wonderful time of year…September…kids headin’ back to school and a parent gets to do something for him or herself! This time sign up for a class that could change the way you see the world.

This is a very small, intimate group and we will be delving into the technical and art part of making pictures. You will need a digital SLR camera for this class. This is your chance to take the photography part of the Ignite retreat course without having to go away overnight. Photoshop, studio lighting and marketing a possible photography business are covered on the second day. Beginners, amateurs and advanced amateurs welcome…I’ve been told it works for all levels. This class is held in Camas, WA (20 minutes from Portland, OR). Day one alone is $99, both days is $225…a yummy lunch is served on both days. In the past people who’ve flown in or driven from afar have stayed at an adorable hotel in our town, the Camas Hotel.

Day two has two more spots available, Day one is filling up!

Email me to reserve your spot:

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~Photography, art & Faith~

October 11th, 12th and 13th

The usual learn/create/share/play curriculum of an “Ignite” retreat will be turned up a notch to be a catalyst for change and discovery  about your own purpose. ‘Hoping for some awesome break-throughs and valuable discussion about how we live our lives as women and creatives….as well how to use your SLR camera for the best image-making possible, with some take-home art projects as an added bonus.

Space is limited at the Windmill Ranch in Snyder, West Texas, where we’ll be holding the retreat. Locals do not need to stay overnight, which will significantly reduce the price. The workshop itself (no lodging) is $289, plus food at the ranch (amount TBA…should not be crazy–they are extremely reasonable). Email me to secure your spot!

I’m so excited to see how many of my special girls from last year are returning this year…this is really a special weekend, lovelies! Here’s a little bit from last year.

All the testimonials for the class and retreat are here.

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Shout out for my friends Jeanne Oliver and Kimberly Taylor (with some other fab women who have it goin’ on) are offering a new ecourse that looks fantastic.












Women reflect their environment in how they go about their days…why not create a home that reflects exactly who you are and what you adore? I can’t recommend Jeanne’s classes enough. She rocks the house every time and this time she’s bringing a serious design happy posse. Sign up here.

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Also, one more little plug for the Ameena Project fundraiser party we’re having here in the Magic Forest on August 11th from 6-9 pm.

An Evening in the Country is shaping up to be quite the event! Haley Johnsen, American Idol finalist, is ready for her Blair Abode debut. We’re not Randy or J-Lo, but we’ve got our sights on helping this little school Kenya. This is your official invitation!

Email me for the details of location…and please pass this info on to your friends! I truly appreciate it.

* * *

Friday I begin a new “Quest for Less” series called “Overcoming the Four Myths of American Suburban Life”…there’s some stirring stuff in these posts…I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking and I’m rockin’ the boat a little. I hope you’ll join me. Bring your life jacket. 😉

Happy Wednesday, sweet lovelies!



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  1. Mikal says:

    Hey girlie,

    What is the “Four Myths…” about? Do you have a link? Sounds like something that’s been on my heart lately too…

    You mentioned a while back about a journaling workshop… is that something that you are still considering?

  2. Amber says:

    Man, I wished I still lived in the northwest. Your events sounds amazing!

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