Modern Prairie Girl in Paris ~ Bringing it home

Sooo….my Francophile friends…it’s true that Paris offers so much eye candy for a visual person that it could be considered a crime.

Couple that with an iPhone camera app obsessed  individual, and you’ve got yourself quite a day of pointing that phone skyward to capture the bluest blue you’ve ever seen and architecture that will make your heart stop.

How in the world did those Frenchies build those incredible structures? It boggles the mind and inspires the photographer’s heart.

Oh, how I *heart* Paris.

Something happened to me while we were doing all of our frenchie things…

~jaunting down to the boulangerie for the morning baguette and coffee…

~jumping on the metro on a busy Parisienne work day…

~cafe’-sitting for three hours in a sunspot with a glass of rose’ and a wonderful conversation…

~squeezing ourselves into a small street restaurant at 9 pm with the rest of the late-eating locals….

~wandering the public gardens with camera at the ready…trying to avoid young couples draped over each other on park benches…

~afternoon coffee and evening champagne..





It made me think about international travel and how much it means to me to be so far away from my world… able to immerse myself in a place that lives up to its romantic reputation. And I don’t mean “romantic”, as in “Hey, PH, let’s stroll hand in hand in the Jardin de Luxembourg” (although that sounds lovely too)….Paris is one of those places where I feel like creating art right along side those painters up at Sacre Coeur or pondering the world in a cafe’…like those hours and past times are somehow more meaningful in a city such as this one.

I think the cue here is that one can experience some of these things state side.

Like yesterday when the fam took out the baguette and afternoon coffee (and Nutella! woohoo!) to the patio and we all sat and read for an hour.

Like this week, where I will engage in a Piccolo Paradiso cafe’ ritual with creative people I love.

Like this weekend when PH and I will do some afternoon strolling in a  couple of hours reserved just for hand holding.

The “joie de vivre” must be a conscious choice and I choose it.

I choose the family part.

I choose the eating part.

I choose the lingering part.

I choose the romance part.

All of it…it can be done in an American life…this I believe.

Next spring Elida and I will be doing “Ignite the Heart 2012” in Italy…hoo-boy…there is another whole experience there…how about il dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing)…with some serious photography and art thrown in there!

If you are considering this experience…drop me your email. I will keep you posted on a special email list for our Ignite-bound friends.

Happy summer, lovelies…it’s really arrived here…the fam are Northwest sponges, drying out the rain and soaking in that sunshine.

Safe travels for your weeks of fun!


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5 Responses to Modern Prairie Girl in Paris ~ Bringing it home

  1. Jen Osborn says:


    It’s my mom & dad’s favorite city, and they go every year together for everything you just described above. I’m so happy you had such an amazing trip, and that you’ve brought many of your France habits home :)

    love all the photos you took – would love to hear all about it!

  2. Sonnet Gal says:

    I want to go to Italy!! Please keep me posted!
    First, though, I am looking forward to meeting you in Snyder, Texas for a class. Any more information on that yet? Thanks for reminding us to live in the moment anywhere we find outselves. Now I’m off to my favorite coffee spot for a scone….

  3. Marita says:

    Love all the images from Paris! Just amazing.
    I would love to be included on the list for Italy…let me know and thanks.

  4. Pamela says:

    I think any good vacation always refreshes you and makes you realize you can have some of those things if we “chose” to. Our vacation was similar for my husband and I. Having just what you need to live, being able to create because I doidn’t have so much “stuff” to take care of. Being able to enjoy our family time more because we kept it simple.We even have grand plans for making something happen for ourselves and hopefully moving to our favorite beach town! Lovely feeling…

  5. I feel like I just flew in from Paris after looking at your lovely artistic photographs. Swoon. Um, of course i want to know about ITALY!!!! Keep me posted friend!

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