Modern Prairie Girl Shout-outs

Shadow Sister~Island Girl Heart available on Etsy

Shadow Sister~She made her own music available on Etsy

I’ll be the featured artist one of my fave Camas haunts The UnCommon Gift in our town of Camas in April. Just the push I needed to get my tush in gear to finish all of the projects in the art studio…I’m loving me some gel medium and paint! I even don’t mind that it’s deep under my nails and looks horrific. I just finished a piece today that’s 24 x 30…a huge feat as that birch board canvas has been sitting on my floor staring at me for a year. Yay!


Wanted to share with you some special treasures ma mere’ has been working on for her Etsy shop. Her jewelry design company is called Malakara. Her stuff is imaginative and beautiful…I am the proud recipient of many pieces, as you can imagine, and am loving the fact that now I can send you to her shop!

Here are her newest gems…

This one is my fave from her watch steampunk watch collection


One more creative person I admire is my friend Elida Field (who also happens to be my partner in crime for “Ignite the Heart” in May).

She is taking another art journey to Italy in April with her artist pal (and co-teacher) Father Bruno.  If you are ready for some serious culture, serious food, amazing wine and awesome painting instruction, this is your chance.

All info is here…you can also contact her through her site.

She is a huge inspiration to me and this is the chance of a lifetime!


Our sweet town of Camas has a video magazine on the web. My pal Lisa used to host, but she sadly moved to the East Coast….so the torch has been passed to yours truly. Random fact about me…I was on a magazine show for kids in Seattle when I was in high school…hadn’t been in front of the camera in a loooong while, so I was nervous, but the producer/camerman, Nikia, made me laugh and we had a great time….

Here’s the finished product.

Happy weekend lovelies! ‘Hope your have great, fun plans….


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3 Responses to Modern Prairie Girl Shout-outs

  1. kristin says:

    sounds absolutely amazing!! i am SO in *love* with your shadow sisters!
    thank you for the little boost…that quote will hold a special place in my heart from now on!….*THANK YOU*


  2. jeanne says:

    I love that video…you are great at it. Loving all your new art!!!

  3. kolleen says:


    i loved it….totally at ease.

    love the shadow sisters!
    and you!


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