Modern Prairie girl visits “Petticoats on the Prairie”

I’ve mentioned before how much blogging has added to my life.

I am grateful for all the wonders it has plunked in my path, but never more grateful than right now as I sit here on this runway in Midland/Odessa Texas after photographing “Petticoats on the Prairie”.  After Cecilia, official member of the West Texas Rodeo Queens,

began my journey through contacting me through my blog, I view the world through different eyes…in some ways it was like visiting another’s really that different from the Northwest.

‘Never been to West Texas or heard of Cowboy Church.

‘Never flea marketed where women rock the cowboy boots with their shorts.

‘Never braved 30 mile an hour winds to photograph vintage gear.

‘Never had the privilege of capturing a barn-turned-house on 687 acres where feral hogs run wild.

Let me tell you, these things are permanently imbedded in the newly formed Texan section of my brain and I am counting the days until I get to go back.

It certainly wasn’t the weather that made me fall in love with West Texas…it was the people.

This is a special, special place, lovelies…having trouble even now putting this whole experience into words. I guess the easiest way is to show you in images and to thank the amazing women who embraced me this weekend.

Amazing ranch to hold such an event….absolutely romantic…

Queens must wear crowns, after all….

There were some “Sisters on the Fly” there… I’ve posted about them before…truly my heroes…

Awesome vendors from New Mexico…let’s just say I’m glad I only brought half a suitcase full…

Should have bought this!

Lovin’ vintage radio…

It IS Texas, yes? Even the rollerskates must reflect this fact.

Gorgeous handmade furniture…darn that small suitcase.

All of the party favors were so beautifully put together. The ladies didn’t miss a trick.

Cecilia rocks the purple cowgirl look…isn’t she beautiful?



Dear sweet women of Petticoats on the Prairie,

I can’t thank you enough for bringing me into your world, allowing me to feel so special and appreciated…and most of all, for trusting me to tell the story of your flea market vision in your part of the country. I am awe of your generous spirits and humongous full hearts that seem to fill that windy prairie of yours. Leaving was so much harder than I thought! Your life in West Texas was unexpectedly inspiring and I will go to those flat plains in my head often as I brave the rest of this wet and dark spring we’re having in the Northwest.

You have given new meaning to the word “prairie girl” to me…a word that I didn’t even know would have this much power in my life and the lives of women I know.

She is wise and resourceful.

She is daring and brave.

She is fun and free spirited.

But most of all, she is part of a community of women who hold each other up…even when that vicious wind whips up to 40 miles per hour and pushes the antique chairs up against the wall.

‘So happy to have been your “special guest” (I now consider my homemade banner a family heirloom).

‘So happy to say that I will see you again soon.

‘So proud to call you friends ~



An exciting idea came out of our time together this weekend. I will be teaching a photography retreat, “Photography on the Prairie”, in January of 2012. We’re thinking about having it at a place is ripped from the pages of “Out of Africa”, complete with a warm winter climate, heated canvas tents and windmills dotting the acreage in front of them.

I am excited to work with so many of the women who live in the area and even more thrilled to introduce non-Texans to the beauty of this place. It’s quite dreamy….the perfect setting to style some photo shoots for teaching purposes. I am already thinking about how to fit all of the gear in my suitcase for this event! More details to follow. There will be limited space and the response from market go-ers was great, so I suspect once we open up registration, we’ll fill quickly. Be thinking about what a retreat like this could mean for you and your creative journey and watch for updates on twitter, FB (on the sidebar) and the blog.

I can only say that I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience this weekend…truly magical.


Thank you, Cecilia, for taking this of me….it’s my dreamy Anthro moment..haha! Loved sharing the experience of exploring this beautiful retreat place with you.

*    *    *

p.s. speaking of retreats…”Ignite the Heart” is very soon…May 19th through May 22nd. We did have someone tell us they wouldn’t be making it, so if you’re interested, please contact me by email ( to grab that spot. If you’re local, this is the time to attend “Ignite”. There’s a good chance next year’s and future retreats will not be local in the Northwest.

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11 Responses to Modern Prairie girl visits “Petticoats on the Prairie”

  1. Jeanne says:

    Sounds so perfect for you!!! Can’t wait to catch up!

  2. Mikal says:

    I want to be a Prairie Girl now… I knew there was a reason that I LOVED Texas… I just thought it was the cowboys. :)

    I don’t know how you can write a new favorite post, but you did it again. Beautiful, beautiful work lovely.

  3. Kath says:

    Lovely! A great adventure to share. xoxo

  4. Cole says:

    Lovely photos. I’m from West Texas, and one thing you should know, “feral hogs run wild,” is that “feral” means “wild”, so it’s like you said, “wild hogs run wild.” There really is only one way they run, and it’s wild. Just wanted to let you know it was redundant! :) Come back soon – just avoid those damn hogs.

  5. Laurie says:

    Wow Lara! What a magical place for a photo shoot. So different from the NW as you pointed out. I love the photos! Cecilia and the one of you in front of the colorful round tables are amazing!!!

  6. Marita says:

    Love the images! LOVE Texas! A Whole different country for sure…amazing!

  7. katie says:

    I LOVE texas and this looks like a great adventure. i really enjoyed your post and all those fab pictures.

  8. Pamela says:

    Loved all of your photos of the trip and the market. Can’t wait to see future retreats! I’m all in. Esp. since I couldn’t figure out how to get to Oregon right now anyway. You’re such a lucky gal to be living out your dreams….

  9. Kelly Keller says:

    Oh Lovely Lara,
    God wants you in my life so badly… I am loving that you are falling in love with Texas when I am moving there so very soon! I’ll be attending a retreat after all :-)
    Love you and love the pictures… always!

  10. Wow! Looks fabulous…and loved all the great photos of the lovely ladies…look forward to heading to Texas one day soon! xox

  11. Jan says:

    Lara! Fabulous idea, Ma’am!! I guarantee if you have a retreat here and my schedule allows it I will be there! I am orginally from a small farming community outside of San Angelo about an hr south of Colorado City where my family farmed and Mama and Daddy ran a crop dusting business. He flew in Colorado City many times. I now live once again, in the middle of no where about 50 miles south of Dallas…on a farm. Go figure. :) Can’t wait to hear that you’ve decided to officially have a retreat here!! :)

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